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An Overwhelming Sense of Loss

By Roger E Burgess III Red Flag OSR Levels 1-3 Or, The Occasion Of a Visit Into The Underworld By Way of The Grand Entrance To The Ancient Dwarven Fortress of Thrumi`Zud: SOMETHING brought down the mighty civilization. The sages … Continue reading

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Svarog’s Anvil

By Thanasis Tsiakmakis Geek Society 5e Level 4 The long lost Dwarven Kindgom of Gleodemar holds a relic of the past, Svarogs’s Anvil, a magical artifact, that when used by a Dwarf it can help mass produce weapons, armor and … Continue reading

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Into the Trolls’ Den!!!

By John Fredericks Sharp Mountain Games Labyrinth Lord Levels 1-3 The party will enter a troll lair in search of magical weapons. But will they exit alive? This 26 page linear adventure contains seven pages of actual adventure text, overpowered … Continue reading

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The Last Candle

By Greg Christopher Chubby Funster 1e Level 1-3 The Prieuré de Chaurillon lies isolated in the upper valley of the Satrebonne river. The empire that once protected it has fallen. Barbarian hordes now roam the land. Once tamed borderlands have … Continue reading

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(PF) The Forest of Starving Spirits

By … Jessica Redekop, Robert Gresham, Michael Whitney Wayward Rogues Publishing Pathfinder Level 10 Explore the haunted remains of Endiel Forest, the forsaken kingdom of the gruesome ghastlord Mortalbane. Once a vibrant wildwood where the ancient elves lived in harmony … Continue reading

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The Wizard of Bald Mountain

By Ken Goudsward Dimensionfold Games Goldensword/Generic Entry Level Our adventurers are commissioned by the Jarl of Connaught to investigate strange weather phenomenon at Bald Mountain. The Jarl also sends his personal mage to accompany them. I don’t even know where … Continue reading

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Desecration & Damnation

By Davis Chenault Troll Lord Games Castles & Crusades Levels 4-6 All along the banks of the Vindig River people worshipped the river goddess. She blessed the people and kept the trolls at bay. But in time, she grew weary … Continue reading

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Gravelbeard’s Quest

By Lyndsey Stern Loremasters 5e Levels 1-3 Take your adventurers on a daunting quest through a dangerous, uncharted cave system to discover the mystery behind the missing city guards. Will they emerge victorious or become yet another group swallowed by … Continue reading

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