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The Mines of Wexham

By Gerald D. Seypura PhD Southerwood Publishing Champions of ZED Low Levels This thing goes by Mines of Wexham and also by Mines of Wexcham. The adventure says Wexcham while most of the marketing/references not in the adventure refer to … Continue reading

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Dungeon Magazine #123

Salvage Operation By Mike Mearls Level 2 An adventure on a twelve-room wrecked ship, with vermin. Get to the hold, get a crate of loot that you’re paid 200gp for (containing a +5 cloak of protection and several figurines of … Continue reading

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Tukram’s Tomb

By Davide Pignedoli DaimonGames OSR/Crying Blades Level 1 The…village is abandoned, and within one hour walks from the tomb. There is not much left: the wooden houses have rotten and collapsed, and only a few stone buildings still sort of … Continue reading

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The Night Wolf Inn

By Anthony Huso Self Published AD&D All Levels Once, a designer told me: “More is better, right? I mean, better to have it and not need it!” Not, I reply, when it makes the design difficult to actually use. It … Continue reading

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Dungeon Magazine #122

Final Resting Place By Michael Kortes Level 3 This is a strange kind of befuddled adventure. A lone adventurer died killing a mind flayer deep underground. The newly freed trogs slaves rever his body as a hero and want to … Continue reading

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The Drow Undercity of Death

By Eldrad Self-Published Back to the Dungeon RPG Labeled “mature”, this third installment of the Black Stairs megadungeon comes in at 28 pages for 128(!) rooms. It’s an art project, or madness, or some combination of the two that produces … Continue reading

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Escape from the Astral Spellhold

By Christian Kessler Self-Published OSR Any Level You know what “Any Level” means, don’t you? PUZZLES! Well … kind of. This twenty page digest adventure describes a small wizard’s tower with about nine rooms in it, in pointcrawl style, along … Continue reading

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Dungeon Magazine #121

Fiend’s Embrace By Stephen Greer Level 4 This is a journey through a swamp and small 27 room ruined castle exploration. It’s a fetch quest, to retrieve a cloak. The wilderness portion is through a dreadful swamp-like environment, during a … Continue reading

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The Watchtower in the Wood

By Travis Legge Aegis Studios 5e Level 1-3 In this adventure, the characters venture forth from the safety of the Isle of Hope, seeking to bring order to the Plains of Marrow. The adventure offers options for the characters to … Continue reading

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Winds of the Ice Forest

By James V. West Random Order Creations Labyrinth Lord Levels 1-3 You enter the dreaded Ice Forest where the ancient path leading through can change with the wind. What perils will you face before nding the way to the other … Continue reading

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