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(5e) Cryptic Entry

By Dan Coleman Dan Coleman Productions 5e Level 1 The intrepid Reslin Kine spent many of his years as an adventurer. A life of exploring ruins and fighting monsters garnered Reslin a modest reputation and a modest fortune, enough so … Continue reading

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Necromancer’s Bane

By Simon Todd MontiDots OSRIC Level 2-5 The valley of Highcliff Gard has had a tradition of burying its dead in the south caverns. But guards have heard disquieting noises behind the catacomb doors of late. It may be a … Continue reading

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Witches of Hagswallow

By Anthony Hunter Sleeping Griffon Productions Battleaxes & Beasties/OSR Levels 2-4 People and livestock are going missing again in the areas that border the Hagswallow Bog. The locals think the Witches are to blame. It is said that they are … Continue reading

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Night at Fausen’s Manor

By Ben Gibson Coldlight Press 5e/Pathfinder Level 3 Up here in the mountains, the sun sets fast. The path has narrowed yet again as it diverts into this small slot valley. A gentle stream parallels the path; it’s pretty, but … Continue reading

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Grave of the Heartless

by M. Greis Greis Games Labyrinth Lord Level 3-4 A curse is upon the land. In the old barrow long forgotten a forgotten general awaits trying to confront death, and until heroes can guide his way, the land suffers. This … Continue reading

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Of Beasts and Men

By Jon Bertani The Merciless Merchants 2e/Gold & Glory Levels 3-6 Your party has been roaming through the Dunderro Wilderness, following a treasure map that you hope leads to a great treasure. But the howl of a wolf quickly changes … Continue reading

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(PF) The Horseshoe Calamity

By Ron Lundeen Legendary Games Pathfinder Level 7 On the frozen frontier far from civilization, a recently-disturbed shrine to an evil god has brought chaos and conflict to a community of centaurs and humans. The humans blame the centaurs’ greed … Continue reading

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Megadungeon #1

By Courtney Campbell Hack & Slash Publishing 5E & OSR Come explore Numenhalla, the god halls. Learn about the altars and the logos, see the ettercop lair. This is a 43 page periodical focused on megadungeons, with two two-page dungeon … Continue reading

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The Shrine of Sirona

By Jeremy Reaban Self Published 1E Levels 5-7 Twenty years ago, the Shrine of Sirona was attacked by evil creatures. Now it’s time for you to take it back! This is a six page adventure in a small symmetrical ten … Continue reading

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Don’t Follow the Lights

By Joel Logan A Hole in the Ground Terrain & Games 5e Levels 3-4 Many of the children of the village of Quiet Acres have been going missing for the past few years. Though their crops and livestock are doing … Continue reading

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