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By Greg Gillespie Self-published Labyrinth Lord Levels 1- Local villagers call for aid! An eerie green light appeared atop the Dwimmerhorn Mountain. The light came from HighFell – the ruins of an ancient wizard school. The infernal blaze grew until … Continue reading

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Bone Marshes

By David Schriduan Technical Grimoire Games Knave We need your help! The marshes are burning, and we don’t know why! This 48 page hexcrawl has 25 hexes. [Hex size defined as “four hours to cross] It falls in to the … Continue reading

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The Withered Crag

By Guy Fullerton Chaotic Henchmen AD&D Levels 2-3 Chaotic Henchmen AD&D Levels 2-3 … After clashes with inhuman raiders—some with armor fused to body like a second skin, and bewitched with unexpected powers—it becomes clear they are in league with … Continue reading

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(5e) Masque of the Worms review

By Kelsey Dionne The Arcane library 5e Level 1 Baronness Elenore Rennet has yet to return home from a masque at Moldavia Manor two nights ago. Can the players find her and uncover the hideous secrets brooding inside the grim … Continue reading

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The Magician’s House

By Ray WeidnerSelf PublishedDCCLevels 1-3 The city of Blackrock is in peril! An army of shrieking demons marches inexorably closer, less than a week away from putting its people to the knife. The Duke puts out a call: brave and … Continue reading

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Eyrie of the Dread Eye

By Courtney CampbellAutarchACKs/BXLevels 6-8 … Now the Awakening is near, the Spheres are coming into alignment, and the Oculus is beginning to open. The dark power is reaching out and for the first time in an age the Eyrie of … Continue reading

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Beneath Dark Elms

By Scott MalthouseTrollish Delver GamesT&TLevels 1-3 Ever wish there was yet another vanity RPG forum where you could engage in Book Talk? Now there is! Peachtree Village has a problem. The Horned Witch has taken the daughter of a … Continue reading

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(Pathfinder) The Book of Terniel

By Lucas Curell, Chance KempEmbers Design StudioPathfinderLevel 1 Four factions struggle for the Book of Terniel, and in the middle of them: you! Choose a side or claim it for yourself. This is easily one of the best Pathfinder adventures … Continue reading

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Winter’s Daughter

By Gavin Norman, Frederick Munch, Nicholas MontegriffoNecrotic GnomeB/XLevels 1-3 The tomb of an ancient hero, lost in the tangled depths of the woods. A ring of standing stones, guarded by the sinister Drune cult. A fairy princess who watches with … Continue reading

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Trollback Keep

By John Bertani & Aaron FairbrookMerciless MerchantsGold & Glory/2eLevels 4-7 The Crimson Legion has gained a foothold in the Dragonback Mountains. Having taken over Trollback Keep, they’ve gathered wealth, power and now seek to expand their territory. Villages of man … Continue reading

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