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(5e) The Dungeon Terrier

Frank VoelkerProtodragon Games5e”Early Levels” Tactically delve into moist halls and sample locally-sourced flora in search of Sir Howard, a gentleman terrier marooned in the depths of a lost smuggler’s den, now colonized by a mysical diviner and other less savory … Continue reading

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The Pilgrimage of Hunger

By Gregorius21778Self-PublishedOSR/Generic/Veins of the EarthLower Levels? The Pilgrimage of Hunger is a small cave system written for Veins of the Earth. The idea behind it is that it came into being in response to the hunger of the living, sentient … Continue reading

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Off Track: The Uncharted Swamp

By Brian CooperOff Track GamesLabyrinth LordLevels 1-5 From the blurb: This adventure aims to solve the problem of dealing with random overland movement through a swamp by offering the referee a really really good random encounter table that doesn’t feel … Continue reading

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(5e) The Great Assault

By CJNBGeeks Next Door5eLevel 7 Just outside the Lonely Desert, on the edge of civilized lands stands a massive 200 ft., black cube known as The Brick. Glyphs and symbols adorn the brick, etched into its impossibly hardened sides in … Continue reading

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The Dog That Would Not Bark

By Jonathan HicksFarsight GamesSwords & WizardryLevel: Who the fuck knows? When a dog comes running to the players looking for attention, what dangers will they be led to? This six page adventure has one encounter, with five ghouls. My life … Continue reading

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The Mountain Tollkeep

By Peter LattimoreGarblag GamesOSR/Warhammer High on a mountain side where the pass skirts the flank of a massive peak sit two towers standing proud against the sky. Between them a thick wall and portcullis bar the path of anyone seeking … Continue reading

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(5e) Embrace

By Richard IorioRogue Games Inc5eLevels 8-9 Embrace is a voyage into the heart of an evil plot. Something strange is happening, and long-held beliefs are being perverted to fit another’s evil ways. How the characters accomplish their task and handle … Continue reading

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Trollback Keep

By John Bertani & Aaron FairbrookMerciless MerchantsGold & Glory/2eLevels 4-7 The Crimson Legion has gained a foothold in the Dragonback Mountains. Having taken over Trollback Keep, they’ve gathered wealth, power and now seek to expand their territory. Villages of man … Continue reading

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B2.5 Caves of the Unknown

By Charley Phipps, Thom Wilson, Mike BadolatoThrowiGames & NTRPGConB/XLevels 2-4 This 28 page adventure details the Daves of the Unknown dungeon from B2/Keep on the Borderlands, that was initially left blank for the DM to populate. It has about 44 … Continue reading

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(SciFi) Hard Light

By Kevin CrawfordSine Nomine PublishingStars Without NumberLevels 1-3 Hard Light takes a band of young adventurers to a system blazing with the murderous light of a red giant star. The hard-bitten novium miners of the Brightside mining station maintain the … Continue reading

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