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(5e) Waking the Wizard

By Robert L Rath RATHSQUATCH Publishing 5e Levels 1-4 The morning dew hasn’t even had a chance to evaporate when the carrier rides in. His flowing shirt decorated cart, and a tabard adorned with a lion within a purple diamond … Continue reading

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From the Mouth of Babes

By Ken Carcas Aegis Studios B/X Level 2-3 A dirty pair of hungry goblin children wander upon the party on the wilderness side of The Untamed Gauntlet. Through difficult communication, the party manages to find out that something bad happened … Continue reading

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Vobleavira Haven Complex

By Vance Atkins Leicester’s Rambles B/X “Low Level mooks” … So we have a cleric and thief who found themselves allied in adventures, found their own subterranean outpost, and created a space that reflects their two characters’ personalities. … This … Continue reading

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(5e) Cave of the Bone Dwellers

By Joel Logan A Hole in the Ground Terrain & Games 5e Level 1 The players are asked to investigate the cause of merchant caravans in the region disappearing. The adventure begins at the Blue Crab Inn in the small … Continue reading

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By G. Hawkins Self-published OSRIC Levels 1-10+ Gunderholfen… Ancient, abandoned dwarf hold, battleground of arch-liches, cultist base, wizards’ playground, heroes’ bane and treasure-seekers’ tomb. Gunderholfen is a classic, old school exploratory sandbox-style mega-dungeon consisting of ten levels, a mini-campaign setting … Continue reading

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Beneath the Temple of Edea

By Vance Atkins Leicester’s Rambles B/X No fucking level stated This twelve page single-column adventure features a sixteen room linear dungeon with hobgoblins-ish enemies. A few nice features can’t save it from itself or the mish-mash of text that makes … Continue reading

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(5e Review) Foul Passage of Progress

By Stephen Yeardley AAW Games 5e Level 7 A request to find out what has happened leads to an offer of assistance and a chance to help a lot of people out. All that is required is that the players … Continue reading

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The Withered Crag

By Guy Fullerton Chaotic Henchmen AD&D Levels 2-3 Chaotic Henchmen AD&D Levels 2-3 … After clashes with inhuman raiders—some with armor fused to body like a second skin, and bewitched with unexpected powers—it becomes clear they are in league with … Continue reading

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Terror at Wolfgrasp Hill

By David Markiwsky Aegis Studios B/X Levels 2-3 A writ of salvage has been issued for an area on the edge of the Untamed Gauntlet known as Hangman’s Folly. The Folly is known to have once been the site of … Continue reading

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(5e) The Blacksmith’s Burden

By John Rossomangno Self published 5e Levels 2-4 When the party arrives in the small village of Goldendale they find a shortage of metal goods and a community upset with the lack of production. Despite their admiration for the village … Continue reading

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