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The Beast of Jelin’s Mire

By Irene D.B. Self Published Zweihander Basic Tier Something lurks within the perilous swamp of Jelin’s Mire. The Townsfolk of Jelinton are falling victim to a series of grim attacks by a terrible creature. They have called upon the aid … Continue reading

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Wavestone Keep

By Kevin Conyers ShickTohp OSE Level 3 Fear the waves, the tides and the sea itself! A fearsome tower of stone roams the oceans, delivering its deadly cargo of lizardmen wherever it happens to land! *sigh* Eight pages. Nine rooms, … Continue reading

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The Halls of Light

By Ivan Richmond Self Published OSR Level 1 The gnomes of Rockswald have asked for your help.  They operate a mithrl mine, but it has recently been invaded by goblins.  They will reward anyone who can rid them of the … Continue reading

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