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Stonehell Supplement 2 – Buried Secrets

Explore “Modnar’s Cellar,” the undercroft of a ruined tower owned by a magic-user with a strange agenda. Visit “The Nest of Otrogg,” a cave system once occupied by a loathsome cult. Discover the secrets of  “The Sanctuary of Chthonia,” a … Continue reading

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Lost Man’s Trail

The trail east from Modron to the Coast, known as Lost Man’s Trail, has been a source of mystery for some time. Adventurers have a habit of disappearing from the trail. Are they lured away by some enticement, or waylayed … Continue reading

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Stonehell Dungeon

Beware All Who Enter These Benighted Halls of Stone. Within Lies No Solace Nor Any Comforts of Home. Toiling For Our Crimes We Must Dig Where We Dwell, With No Freedom or Mercy In Our Vast Stony Hell. -Inscription over … Continue reading

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Demonspore – The Secret of the Shrooms

Established in the subterranean cyst left by their dead god, a zealot band of Shrooms, a race known for bizarre projects and subtle objectives, have now been working for decades on the strangest task in their strange history.     … Continue reading

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The Spider-God’s Bride

Enter the City of Stone and slay the high priest of Jul-Juggah! Plunder the ancient gold of Namthu! Seek the fabled jewel of Khadim Bey, but beware the nameless horrors of the Al-Khazi desert! Fight the dread adepts of the … Continue reading

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G4-5-6-7-8-9 Super Giant Adventure

The giants await, as your meek and humble group assembles to venture forth and defeat them. But to do so, you must travel to distant lands, survive extreme conditions and challenges as you search out their hiding places. But afterward, … Continue reading

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C1 – The Circle of Fire

Surrounded by swarming giant fire ants, the end appears near and only a smoldering pyre will mark your death. Escape is at hand. Is it salvation or are you only jumping into yet another Circle of Fire? This module has … Continue reading

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H1 – Six Feet Under

Something is not quite right at the graveyard. Old and unused, with the exception of those previously interned, the graveyard has recently become the subject of fear and conjecture. Strange noises and mysterious figures have been reported by those attempting … Continue reading

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BHS3 – The Shadowed Keep

An intrepid band of adventurers brave the frigid wilderness of the vast Northern Territories in search of an evil artifact known as the Bone-Hilt Sword, and some only to satisfy their thirst for wealth and treasure. But will they survive … Continue reading

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UA2 – The Awakening

The dreaded villoi have been awakened from their centuries-long slumber by an evil greater even than themselves. Can your party of intrepid adventurers stop the combined menace before all the lands are over-run? Enter the lands west of the infamous … Continue reading

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