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By J.V. West Random Order Creations OSRIC/3.5 Level 1-3 The wind whips through the standing stones making the hill moan like something alive. Or perhaps something dead. You stand atop its barren crown. There is a whisper in the darkness. … Continue reading

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Sepulcher of the Mountain God

By Paul Wolfe Purple Duck Games DCC Level 1 Braving the hidden tomb of an ancient tribal king, the adventurers become embroiled in a quest directly from Ira, the Mountain God – find the Skull of Vyache and his magic … Continue reading

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Dungeon Magazine #88

The Door from Everywhere By Roger E. Moore 3e Level 6 A ruin with some doors that can teleport you to nine different locations/encounters throughout the forgotten realms, as well as a Zent jerk that shows up to fuck with … Continue reading

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Slumbering Ursine Dunes

By Chris Kutalik Hydra Collective Labyrinth Lord (Mostly HD2-4 … except for the demigods. Mostly.] This is a pointcrawl with 25 locations and two dungeon-like areas. It’s set in giant sand dunes with paths running along the bottom and has … Continue reading

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England Upturn’d

By Barry Blatt LotFP LotFP This sandboxy thing is set in historical England (Duh!) right before the civil war. It’s big, at 128 pages. It’s full of people and places and things to get into trouble with. It has three … Continue reading

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Dungeon Magazine #87

I think this issue had a CD in it? But my second-hand copy does not. 🙁 Nor does it have a cover. The Raiders of Galath’s Roost By Skip WIlliams 3e Level 1 This is a rough one to review. … Continue reading

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Fever-Dreaming Marlinko

By Chris Kutalik Hydra Cooperative Visit Marlinko, a borderlands city where life takes a strange fever-dream cast … I suck at describing good things. This thing is Goooooood! At its core this is a city supplement. It describes a city. … Continue reading

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Come To Daddy

By Anders Lager Lazy Sod Press OSR Levels 4-6 “The battle with the barrow-draugr had taken the most of our energy, and we barely escaped with our lives. The gnome was sorely injured in the leg and everyone was frozen … Continue reading

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Dungeon Magazine #86

Anvil of Time By Tracy Hickman 3e Level 5 This Dragonlance adventure is a thirty or so room dungeon that is repeated three times, during three different ages. You get kidnapped in, muck about meeting famous people and collecting time … Continue reading

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The Fungus Forest

By Carl Nash & Lee Reynoldson Self Published OSR Levels … 3-4? This adventure details a cave system of eighty or so rooms stuffed full of mushrooms and fungus. There are at least seven major factions running around inside, with … Continue reading

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