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DCC #81 – The One Who Watches From Below

by Jobe Bittman Goodman Games DCC Level 1 The rumors are true! The secret cave of the mystics holds a hoard of treasure vast enough to buy the kingdom seven times over. Gold coins piled as high as snow banks! … Continue reading

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by Michael CurtisGoodman Games5ELevel 3 Centuries ago, the glitterdoom came to the dwarves of Steelhand Clan! This divine curse transformed the dwarves into hellish forms with an insatiable greed for gold. Now, a chance encounter breaks open long-sealed gates to … Continue reading

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The Fey Sisters Fate

Chris Doyle Goodman Games 5e Level 1 The cries of battle echo in the rustic wilderness, as a pair of fey sisters defend the ancient Briarwood against invaders. When the town of Bur Hollow sends militia men to support their … Continue reading

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Clickbait: I wrote an adventure!

I have a very good excuse. I was writing an adventure. I saw someone wrote a quite positive review of The Seclusium of Orphone of the Three Visions. So I went off and wrote my own adventure. It was a … Continue reading

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