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Fangs in the Dark

By Ben Thompson 99c Adventures B/x … but really 5e. Level 1 Look ma! An old school cover! A daring escape from the clutches of Gnoll marauders liberates you from a life of brutal servitude, yet your struggle for survival … Continue reading

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Ship of Fools

By Thomas Scoot Ingle Thomas Scott Ingle Presents LotFP Level ? From the Captain’s log: “Whatever profane scourge, horrid disease, foul magic, or pure evil has taken my crew, my ship, my life, it cannot be allowed to find its … Continue reading

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The Mausoleum Maze of Mondulac the Mad

By Eric Hoffman Castellan Publishing OSE Levels 1-5 For as long as anyone can remember, the strange hedge square has stood just outside your small town.  It is large, thick and seemingly impenetrable.  A curiosity to be sure, but one … Continue reading

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John Mill’s Wet Dream

By  Gustavo Tertoleone Black Dog OSE Level ? A Vampire seeks adventurer for hiring because an investigation must be done in the village nearby. How come everyone is happy all the time? Why outsiders always see nervous smiles? What is … Continue reading

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Tower of the Egg

By Thomas Denmark Night Owl Workshop B/X Levels 6-8 Birthed from the warped intellect of Joam Trassis the Unnatural, who was one of the last great Eldritch Lords, the tower has been rediscovered. Once a proud testament to Joam’s insidious … Continue reading

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The Murk’s Curse

By Christopher Capone Wicked Cool Games OSE Levels 2-3 Among the witch’s valley mist, The Murk, sinister fey shadows terrorize the forest, demon spirits haunt old ruins, and undead howl from the volcanic shrine.  Can the adventurer’s purge the vale … Continue reading

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The Scourge of Thunderhold

By Luiz Eduardo Ricon Hexplore Publishing OSR Level 1? Thunderhold: An ancient dwarven fortress built deep into a cliffside. Walls as strong as iron, stonework as intricate as a finely crafted gauntlet, a raging waterfall thundering through its main chamber. … Continue reading

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Should I make commenting harder to combat SPAM?

I’m getting hit with spam blasts a couple of times a day. I’m updating my filters each time, but they keep coming. And sometimes I’m out of pocket and the spam in the comments sticks around until I get to … Continue reading

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Muddy Mess

By Daniel Kingsley Ripped Tabard Adventures Castles & Crusades Level 5 Not all decisions are easy. Sometimes heroes find themselves in a Muddy Mess, where every decision has the potential to be the wrong one. […] players will be challenged … Continue reading

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Lair of the Frog

By Chaoclypse Self Published Generic/Cairn Level ? The Lair contains dark, eldritch secrets and way, way, too many frogs. Survive its horrors, and you may eventually be granted audience with the mythical Frog God… This twelve page digest adventure features … Continue reading

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