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(5e) The Curse of the Sandoval Estate

By Michael Hubbard Self Published 5e Level 3 Many years ago a young man living outside of the Silverwood forest made a pact with Oberon, saving the Silverwood and it’s denizens. Given an estate and profitable business of woodworking Alexander … Continue reading

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(5e) Escape from Wheloon

By Alan Patrick Self Published 5e Levels 1-4 The walled city of Wheloon holds the criminal population of Cormyr. The residents of that place are bound to it forever and cut off from the outside world. Inside, plans are made … Continue reading

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Mim’s Recreation Garden

By herror Rowdy Kobold OSR Levels 1-3 The Garden is some sort of self-preserving magical botanical zoo, an attempt at avantgarde entertainment for kids – it never opened to the public, but it still works. This twenty page adventure describes … Continue reading

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The Vampire’s Tomb

By William Cord Stronghold press Games Generic/Universal Uh …. This four page adventure uses two pages to describe a seven room tomb, with the other two being title pages. Given how shitty I feel for paying $1 for it, I’m … Continue reading

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Saving Saxham

By JR Lewis Dungeon Ag Adventures 5e Levels 1-3 The village of Saxham has been struck by a terrible curse! Or perhaps it’s being terrorized by demons, ghosts, and the undead? Or… was there a terrible storm? Maybe? No one … Continue reading

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Dungeons of the Dread Wyrm

By R. Nelson Bailey Dungeoneers Guild Games 1e Levels 10-15 Rumors hint that below a barren crag in a forlorn range of hills lies the lair of the great dread wyrm, Felmurnuzza. This dragon has mercilessly terrorized and plundered the … Continue reading

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Phaunt’s Tower

By Jonathan Hicks Farsight Games Swords & Wizardry Levels 1-3 Welcome to Wherwest! This is a town full of opportunities at every corner, adventure through every door and danger at every turn. Glory and gold awaits! That is, if you … Continue reading

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(5e) Temple of the Nightbringers

By M.T. Black Self Published 5e Level 1 A tribe of goblins are raiding travelers on the Long Road, and our heroes decide to help. After a dangerous overland journey, they enter a mysterious abandoned temple where they encounter terrifying … Continue reading

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The Cult of the Green orb

By Extildepo Verisimilitude Society Press Swords & Wizardry Level 4-7 It’s a holiday, so Sapporo at 9am instead of “4 cups of coffee by 9am.” For half a century, life in the mining outpost of Piktown has been peaceful and … Continue reading

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AA#40: The Horror of Merehurst

Joseph Browning Expeditious Retreat Press OSRIC Level 1 The island of Merehurst was once a bustling center for trade. But this was not to last, for in one single deadly night sixty years ago all the people and the animals … Continue reading

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