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Echoes from Fomalhaut #11 – On Windswept Shores

Gabor Lux First Hungarian d20 Society S&W This is a 68 page zine, issue number eleven in the Echoes from Fomalhaut series. It contains three principal items: the tomb of a dead elf lord, a massive hex crawl, and an … Continue reading

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The Wolf In The Labyrinth

By Malcolm HarbrowSelf PublishedCall of Cthulhu Howard Elbridge, a writer of weird fiction, has disappeared. Looking into his disappearance, the investigators will uncover his links to Miskatonic University’s “daring” set, and the history of a mysterious painting. This 22 page … Continue reading

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The Raven and the Lone Star

By Bill Barsh Pacesetter Games & Simulations 1e Level 1 A ship lies in the frozen tundra of the far north. Its history is lost in time, but its future may spell doom for unwary adventurers. Fourteen rooms over a … Continue reading

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A Opossum’s Hat

Lindsey Bonnette Self Published Generic/Universal Level: 1? A necromancer grows in power each day within their lair. Undead minions harass travelers and lurk at the edge of the village. Thanks to a magical artifact, the necromancer’s plans are expanding beyond … Continue reading

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The Mad Troll

By Godmaker Monthly Adventures Generic/Universal Level: ? The us hope the publisher name is just poetic license, and not a threat to publish monthly … In a small village of Lightwood there was a disaster. In the forest nearby a … Continue reading

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The Well of Frogs

By Istvan Boldog-Bernad First Hungarian d20 Society S&W Levels 1-2 Down below, beneath Cassidum’s stinking alleys and crumbling palaces, lie twisting passages and musty chambers with the secrets of the old days, and the subterranean dens of lowlife scum. But … Continue reading

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The Blasphemous Temple of Yargolith

By Steve Johnson Hex Games OSE Levels 3-7 Embark on a journey to the ancient and mysterious Temple of Yargolith, where forbidden knowledge and dark powers reside. Brave treacherous ruins and face off against deadly cultists as you uncover the … Continue reading

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Five Visits to Goldrun’s Grotto

By Vance Atkins Leicester’s Rambles OSR Level: Various? Welcome to Goldrun’s Grotto, a cave complex out in the wild lands. The complex was originally developed in honor of Zaliel, an out-of-favor minor god of woodlands and rain, with an open-air … Continue reading

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The Nobleman’s Manor

By Christopher Wilson Self Published OSE Levels 3-5 A nobleman from Glaustshine, Duke Bartholomew, has taken up residence in a local hunting manor.  The manor seems to have been renovated nearly overnight and farmers in the area report that the … Continue reading

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Castle Ravir

By The Basic Expert The Basic Expert OSR “Mid to High” Levels The castle is named after the black dragon Ravir the Black who lives there. He has accrued followers who are helping him gain treasure (through violence), in order … Continue reading

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