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Spiral Isles

By Jere Hart, Shane Walshe Stygian Studios 5e/OSR Dead PC’s The adventure is designed to give dead characters a chance to return to life, or as the framework for a campaign into the underworld. This 57 page pointcrawl details an … Continue reading

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Gellarde Barrow

By Michael Moscrip NGR NGR No Level Given GELLARDE BARROW is a small site based adventure about the joys of robbing from both the living and the dead, wacky hijinx are bound to ensue. This twelve page adventure details a … Continue reading

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Halls of the Bonelord

By Alexander Langlet Stealth’s Modules & TRPG Content 1e levels 1-3 … Pillage the Halls of the Bonelord, an ancient king who’s name has been lost to time. … This five page adventure is a dungeon with twenty rooms. Single … Continue reading

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(5e) The Right to Arm Bugbears

Curtis Baum AAW Games 5e Level 6 Strange humanoids are gathering in the nearby Forest of Mists and have been exploring ancient ruins using maps stolen during the robberies. Can the party stop these creatures before they are able to … Continue reading

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Darkland Moors

By Jeff Dee UNIgames 1e Levels 3-5 A huge, monstrous presence rampages through the farms and villages of Darkland Moors, throwing the locals’ formerly peaceful lives into turmoil. What manner of giant is responsible, where is it taking its captives, … Continue reading

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Island of Blight

By Thom Wilson Throwi Games 1e/5e Levels 3-5 The Red Priests of the Snake God suffered a crushing blow to their plans when they failed to take the small town of Thuil. Reeling from their defeat, they have returned to … Continue reading

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