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Dungeon Magazine #80

Fortune Favors the Dead By Lance Hawvermale AD&D Levels 5-7 A search for pirate treasure map (and the treasure!) in a spanish/ren type setting. This reminds me a lot of Hoard of the Dragon Queen/Rise, in terms of writing style. … Continue reading

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Peaks and Valleys: Among the Dwarves

By Olivier O’Brien Grinning Gargoyle Games OSR Levels 1-5 Far to the north, in the Okhan mountains, a great dwarven lord has put out a call for mercenaries from all corners of the world. Are there any who can bring … Continue reading

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The Tomb of Rakoss the Undying

By Bob Pennington Mischief Inc OSR Levels 4-6 Rakoss was a great wizard of ages past who served the Emperor of Maere. Tales tell of his prowess as a military strategist, but they also tell of his fall. It is … Continue reading

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Adventurer’s League Sunday – The Beast

Ok, I promised. When I found something that didn’t completely suck I would rename the Sunday review. By Alan Patrick WOTC D&D 5E Levels 1-4 Something strange is afoot within the Quivering Forest. So much so that even the elves … Continue reading

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Dungeon Magazine #79

Keep for Sale By Peter Zollers AD&D Levels 1-3 This is quite a nice little adventure and has several elements atypical for Dungeon Magazine. A grifter has a deed for a castle and sells mps to it for some gold … Continue reading

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Maze of the Blue Medusa

by Patrick Stuart & Zak Sabbath Satyr Press Fantasy RPG’s Level: 1-4 if you’re smart. 5-10 if not. Infinite broken night. Milky alien moons. Wavering demons of gold. Held in this jail of immortal threats are three perfect sisters… Known … Continue reading

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Dungeon Magazine #78

Oh god. Do you know how to tell when you’re about to have a bad day? When the cover of Dungeon Magazine proclaims “Shakespearean Giants!” Lear the Giant-King By Mike Selinker AD&D Levels 6-9 Ok, ok. It’s not as bad … Continue reading

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The Curse of Cragbridge

By Paul Wolfe Mystic Bull Games S&W Levels 1-3 Prison of Spirits Betrayed! For five hundred years, Cragbridge has stood abandoned and cursed. Within lurk the haunts and spirits of those that served Lord and Lady Etheril. Some of these … Continue reading

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The Horror at Hill Stead

Destination Unknown – Life is so strange By RC Pinnell Mavfire Games OD&D Levels 4-8 This is an homage to G1, but this time with ogres and a hardcore devotion to the original 3 book version of D&D. No retroclones … Continue reading

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Dungeon Magazine #77

This issue isn’t too bad. Except for the feature. Visiting Tylwyth By Scott Walley AD&D Level 1 Following a trail in a forest to find a missing elf. I’d call this charming and playful, if conversational and an abundance of … Continue reading

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