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AA#21 – The Obsidian Sands of Syncrates

This is a tournament module for a game at GenCon 2011. Like most tournament modules, it’s a set up, has a few fights, quite a few puzzles/tricks, and a scoring system. It’s also one of the better tournament modules I’ve … Continue reading

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FGG2 – Strange Bedfellows

This is a longer than normal module with several parts. The module is set in the Three Points region. It’s a small collection of three villages with their surrounding fields. The villages share a common background, having been founded by … Continue reading

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HC3 – Beyond the Black Water

This is the third of the Frog God Games Hex Crawl series. It’s their take on the Wilderlands style play that Judges Guild introduced back in the mid to late 70’s. For those of you new to this style of … Continue reading

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HC2 – The Winter Woods

This is the second in Frog Gods Hex Crawl Chronicles series. As in the first, this is a Wilderness adventure in the vein of Judges Guild Wilderlands line. The centerpiece of the product is a map, about 26 hexes long … Continue reading

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HC1 – Valley of the Hawks

Near the dawn of the D&D game there were a set of supplements put out by Judges’s Guild under the Wilderlands name. These were a new thing: a large hex map of the wilderness with many many details on the … Continue reading

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SNS1 – The Hollow Mountain

This adventure takes place in a hollow mountain, in a realm of giant petrified mushrooms with a complex carved in to the top of the most mammoth. The groups adversary is The Tree That Sees, one of the young gods … Continue reading

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Skull Mountain

SKULL MOUNTAIN – Dreamed of by thousands. SKULL MOUNTAIN – A Holmes masterpiece of evocative art. SKULL MOUNTAIN – …? If you know what Skull Mountain is, from the Holmes set, and know nothing about this product then I suggest … Continue reading

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Wheel of Evil

Ok, listen up: Do NOT bail on this review no matter what your first instincts are. I swear to you that this module is awesome. It is about problems that a guild of cheesemakers is having. There, I said it. … Continue reading

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AA#09 – The Lost Pyramid of Imhotep

This module may be the most well-researched adventure I’ve ever seen. The attention to detail is stunning, as is how the underlying mythology is portrayed in the makeup of the adventure. Imagine for a moment that dungeons were real; created … Continue reading

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SF1 – It Started with a Chicken …

This adventure is the first in the Splinters of Faith adventure path. There are ten linked adventures that should take characters from first level to fourteenth or so, although they also appear to be easily adaptable to drop in as … Continue reading

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