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The Oracle of Stone and Flame

By Jayson “Rocky” Gardner & Nathaniel Brown Silver Bullette Games Swords & Wizardry Level 5-9 This is an eleven page eleven-ish room dungeon with an oracle at the end. It has a couple of good ideas for encounters, but implements … Continue reading

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Dungeon Magazine #145

Five more fucking issues. I grow weary of tolerating this shit. The Distraction By Tim Hitchcock Level 3 This is an excellent example of shitty-ass modern D&D adventure design … uh, where ‘modern’ is defined as ‘2007.’ A wilderness outpost … Continue reading

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+1 – The Fortress of the Fungi Chemist

10’+1 A belated review today from that ENTJ to my INTJ, The Pretty Girl. As a reminder, I thought it was pretty good. Let us learn, today, what The Pretty Girl consider mortal sin … Review A – The Pretty … Continue reading

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Giant’s Perch

By John Fredericks Sharp Mountain Games Labyrinth Lord Levels 3-6 The elven alchemist Corlue needs brave adventurers to help him locate a rare plant in the northern woods. This plant can help him locate an ancient undead king who seeks … Continue reading

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The Fortress of the Fungi Chemist

By Michael Raston Lizard Man Diaries blog Black Hack Level 1 Lightless, vine-covered and rotting-stone, top level of abandoned dwarf fortress. Beneath vines is ever impressive carved stone, crumbling with damp and vegetation. Barracuda men mostly inhabit flooded western half, … Continue reading

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Dungeon Magazine #144

The Muster of Morach Tor By Russell Brown Level 4 I have no idea. Simple? Overly-complex? Bob, the right-hand man of a towns leader, went to go review an outlying post in the swamp, guarded by friendly lizardmen. He didn’t … Continue reading

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Eternal Knight

By Louis Kahn Starry Knight Press OSRIC Levels 6-8 Long ago the brave knight Inara Marteen, Paladin of the Light, sacrificed herself to save this world. She lost her life leading her holy order’s charge against an invading horde of … Continue reading

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10’+1 – Halls of the Dwarf Lord

Another double shot this Monday morning. We’re trying to figure out how to make this work.   Review 1 – Bryce Lynch By Stephen Grodzicki $1 Adventure Frameworks Low Fantasy Gaming Mid/high Levels (8?)3d6 7hd cyclops, 5hd boss This is … Continue reading

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Dungeon Magazine #143

Riding the Rail By Christopher Wissel Level 5 When I saw this I thought to myself ‘this better not be a fucking magical Eberron railroad adventure …”. It’s a fucking Eberron magic railroad adventure. Joy. Magic tech. Bound air elements. … Continue reading

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The Dungeon of the Selenian Conclave

By Alessandro Dellamotta Starlight Games Basic D&D Levels 1-2 Deep underground, an orc-infested dungeon is revealed to be an abandoned sorcerous laboratory, the turf of powerful ancient wizards and their secret research… There, the Selenian Conclave labored on how to … Continue reading

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