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The Charmed Grotto

By Dyson Logos Freely Web Published B/X Levels 5-8 This is a small ten-ism room cave system under a hill near a village. It’s packed full of baddies, has more than a few interesting features, does treasure (mostly) right. It … Continue reading

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The Hidden Tomb of Slaggoth the Necromancer

By Adrian Stone & Nick Whelan Self published System Neutral Low Levels Mentioning the name of Slaggoth the Necromancer was once met with hastily gestured holy signs and murmurs of fear. The dead things which crawled and slithered from Slaggoth’s … Continue reading

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Dungeon Magazine #25

  The Standing Stones of Sundown By Paul May AD&D Levels 3 OR 9 This is a brief village investigation followed by a set-piece combat in the village. The village has some standing stones in the middle and a chalk … Continue reading

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They Came from the Stars

By Simon Forster “and the sky full of dust” blog OD&D Levels 1-3 This little adventure is a brief village/countryside investigation and exploration of a small spaceship. It’s got a strong OD&D feel, is very lightweight, provides some decent imagery, … Continue reading

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Three Sad Wizards

  By Jasper Polane Weird Opera Blog OSR Levels 1-2 This is a little mini-region with a village, three main adventure sites, a number of wilderness opportunities, and some follow-up suggestions. The intent appears to be an adventure that could … Continue reading

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Dungeon Magazine #24

In the Dread of Night By Ann Dupois D&D Level 1-3 This is a six-level wizards tower with a nice little village attached. Weird things are afoot in and around the village and they are convinced its the nearby wizard … Continue reading

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Temple of the Ghoul

by H. John Martin Rended Press OSRIC Levels 1-2 Something has been pillaging farms and leaving no living thing behind. Merchants have disappeared on the roads and the Tinker now refuses to make his circuit. All of this trouble started when a party … Continue reading

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Winter Fantasy 2014

A rare “non-review” post! One of my three-ish a year. 🙂   Fair Warning: I don’t follow this shit so I don’t know the background here, or even if this is all common knowledge. I played in the actual “Sundering” … Continue reading

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Tower of the Red Angel

by Simon Forester Self-published Swords & Wizardry Levels 1-3 Freely distributed on “and the sky full of dust” blog.

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Dungeon Magazine #23

The Vineyard Vales by Randy Maxwell D&D Level 2-4 This is a Scandinavian/viking themed adventure. The party wanders around the countryside having encounters on the way to/from two adventure sites. The countryside encounter really makes this adventure, and if you … Continue reading

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