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Dreams of the Lurid Sac

by Paul Keigh Psychedelic Fantasies D&D Uh … I don’t know if I can review this. This is a site based adventure with no overarching objectives or hooks. It’s just a place for you to dump into your game. I’m … Continue reading

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The Caves of Ortok

by John Paul McCartan InfiniBadger Press Labyrinth Lord (& S&W & OSRIC) Levels 3-5 Centuries ago, the great wizard Ortok broke apart his treasure vault and secreted his collection in multiple hidden caches throughout the world. Some of these caches … Continue reading

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Dungeon Magazine #47

Shades of Darkness by David C. Wright AD&D Levels 4-6 This is, essentially, a set piece battle in darkness. The party stumble on village whose manor lord has just been killed. Looking in to the manor discovers a few clues … Continue reading

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The Fungus That Came To Blackeswell

by Yves Geens Psychedelic Fantasies D&D Third Level? Publisher’s Blurb: “The inside of the detached cover has the map of the subterranean village of Blackeswell. It’s a site-based module. No quests or plots. The word “Fungus” is in the title … Continue reading

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DCC #80.5 – Glipkerio's Gambit

by Jobe Bittman Goodman Games DCC RPG Level 2 Atop the highest spire of Mount Tyche, your patron’s temple is under attack. A demonic miasma rolls down the frost-blasted peaks leaving a vile stench and foul magics in its wake. … Continue reading

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Dungeon Magazine #46

Dovedale by Ted James & Thomas Zuvich D&D Levels 1-3 Danger! Folklore! Danger! I Love this stuff to an unnatural degree! The village stream has run dry, causing the villagers crops to have issues. They want you to fix it. … Continue reading

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Princes of the Apocalypse

by: A lot of people WOTC 5E Levels 1 through 15 The first signs are always small: bandits on the roads, pirates on the Dessarin River, monster sightings throughout the Sumber Hills—all too close to the lands of civilized folk. … Continue reading

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Dungeon Magazine #45

An Artist’s Errand by Steve Kurtz Spelljammer Levels 6-8 This adventure is some juveniles masturbatory fantasy. Some hot chick from a “provocative artistic race” hires you to go return a stolen necklace. SHe wears clothing with a lot of holes … Continue reading

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The Rise of Tiamat

by Steve Winter, Alexander Winter, Wolfgang Baur Wizards of the Coast D&D 5E Levels 8-15 The Cult of the Dragon leads the charge in an unholy campaign to bring Tiamat back to the Forgotten Realms. With the race against evil … Continue reading

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