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Fever Swamp

By Luke Gearing Melsonian Arts Council LotFP/All D&D Level? The air is moist. The moisture mixes with your sweat — the heat is relentless. The drone of insects gives you headaches, and the fever from the infected wounds has left … Continue reading

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5e – Death in the Cornfields

by Merric Blackman 5e Level 4 A scarecrow in a field can be a little unnerving, but what if the scarecrow is actually a young man close to death? Why has he been left to die, and what dark secrets … Continue reading

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The Forbidden Caverns of Archaia

by Greg “I wrote Barrowmaze” Gillespie Labyrinth Lord Level 1- The lost city of Archaia – an ancient ruin sunken into the earth – lies deep in the badlands. In recent years, caravans from Eastdale have come under attack from … Continue reading

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Dance of the Medusa

by Joseph A Mohr Old School Role Playing OSRIC Levels 4-7 In southern Zanzia chaos reigns as a new cult is growing stronger and threatening the powers that be. This cult worships a Snake Godess and her temple is believed … Continue reading

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Dungeon Magazine – Final Retrospective

This will be long. I beg your understanding for my verbosity hypocrisy; this is the product of four years work. I have now reviewed every adventure in every print issue of Dungeon Magazine. I started in August of 2013, after … Continue reading

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Call of the Werewolf

By Joseph A. Mohr Self Published OSRIC Levels 4-7 Call of the Werewolf is a Free OSRIC adventure for characters of 4th to 7th level of experience. The adventurers arrive at a small village along the Blood River and discover … Continue reading

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The Lost Colony

By Sean Liddle Anti-Photon Publishing System – Unknown Level – Unknown You and your friends are in deep trouble. Children of respected knights of the realm, you’ve been slacking away and causing trouble. Thankfully the King and his people respect … Continue reading

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Dungeon Magazine Summary: Issues 126-150

Again, if I don’t list an issue it’s because there was nothing too notable about it. Dungeon 128 Shut-In is a delightful little urban adventure. Guarding a little old ladies house, the thing has more atmosphere than, say, every Ravenloft … Continue reading

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Tomb at the Dragon’s Spine

By Scott Taylor Art of the Genre 1e/5e Levels 1-3 While crossing the deadly ‘Dragon’s Spine’ of the island’s interior, the party encounters a darkness at the heights. Within the ancient stones the tomb of one of the last sea … Continue reading

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The Temple of Drawoh Rock

By CS Barnhart Mad Martian Games OSR Level 1 The Temple of Drawoh Rock is an adventure module for 1st level characters exploring the Ice Kingdoms. As warriors of Thane Ornulf the characters will sail the Atalac Sea, explore the … Continue reading

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