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(5e) Descent into Mirefen

By William Murakami-Brundage Menagerie Press 5e Levels 5-7 Within Mirefen’s bog is a ruined temple. This edifice is now home to a tribe of toad folk, who have defiled the holy site with strange effigies to their squat, bestial gods. … Continue reading

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The One-Hundred Clones of Timothy the Wise

By Nickolas Z. Brown Five Cataclysms OSR Games/Five Cataclysms “High Level” … and he means it A powerful Wizard named Timothy the Wise has cloned himself a hundred times, and all of the clones have run amok, eager to differentiate … Continue reading

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The Hole in the Oak

By Gavin Norman Necrotic Gnome OSE – B/X Levels 1-2 A hole in an old oak tree leads characters down to a maze of twisting, root-riddled passageways, the chambers of an ancient wizard-complex, and the banks of an underground river … Continue reading

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(5e) The Feystone Shards

By Perry McKinley DMSGuild 5e Levels 5-8 The Heroes are tasked to find five fragments of a shattered Orb, once worshipped by a faction of Elves. The search will take the party to a haunted Citadel, as they seek the … Continue reading

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Dead Arising

By Don MacVitte Hellebarde Games Castles & Crusades Levels 1-3 Yellin Bislama has committed horrifying crimes. He has admitted to leaving children in the desert, staked down. He has confessed to impaling people… And much more. The Mayor has asked … Continue reading

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The Corrupted Jungle

By Peter Rudin-Byrgess Self-published Zweihander / ROlemaster The action starts with the wrecking of the Wight’s Shadow. With the characters washed up on the beach they have many adventures before them and will face many horrors in a strange land … Continue reading

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(5e) Darkest Dream

Alphinius Goo Gooey Cube LLC 5e Level 1 The Darkest Dream begins the epic tale of a group of Hanataz youth who are charged with working security for the last Carnivalle of the season. The Hanataz are the Traveling Folk … Continue reading

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Temple of the Harpies

By Morten Greis Aegis Studios B/X Levels 2-3 A small child has been stolen from their parents, and the adventurers must find their way to the temple not just to gain riches and uncover secrets of the past, but also … Continue reading

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The Chaos Triads

By Steven Marsh Steve Jackson Games The Fantasy Trip “Starting Characters” A dying heir, an abandoned mine, and a closely-held secret figure into this gamemastered adventure for The Fantasy Trip, as a group of heroes set forth on a mission … Continue reading

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The Wizard’s Marbles

By Danita  Rambo A Dash of Adventure 5e Level 5 A story of forgetfulness and secrets for 4-6 adventure-seeking characters at 5th level. This self-contained story runs around 3 to 5 hours. It’s been awhile since I trotted out The … Continue reading

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