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The Oracle of Basylthor

By Walter J. Jones Jr. New Realms Publishing Generic Your boots scrape off the bloodstained flagstones as you step into hall. Fluted columns rise to support a arched ceiling lost in the shadows. A scrape of leather on stone and … Continue reading

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Rando Stuff I bought three weeks ago

There’s trouble right here in Bryce City my friend. Boring details aside, that means I ended up buying about $40 of stuff from my DriveThru wishlist. They don’t fit the adventure category, which is why some of them have been … Continue reading

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Inferno: Oasis of Koessa

By Paul Elkmann/Geoffrey O. Dale Spellbook Games 1e/Portal to Adventure Level 10+ “Oasis of Koessa is an adventure set on the Seventh Circle of Hell, the Desert of Fire, can be used as a projection of Hell into the Material … Continue reading

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The Dusty Door

By Shane Ward 3 Toadstools Blueholme Level 3 Halfway between here and there is a small roadside Inn. A weather worn wooden sign stands outside of the door “Adventurers wanted, apply within”. Weary from the road, you stand outside the … Continue reading

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The Red Prophet Rises

By Malrex & PrinceofNothing 2e/Gold&Glory Merciless Merchants Levels 3-5 Trouble stirs in the Borderlands. Khazra, Red Prophet of the Bull God, has united the fractious People of the Bull and proclaimed the promised time is nigh. The Bull God demands … Continue reading

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The Ruined Abbey of St Clewd

The Ruined Abbey of St Clewd Gavin Norman & Greg Gorgonmilk Necrotic Gnome I ended up with another magazine adventure to review, Wormskin #3. This twelve digest page adventure describes the surface level of a ruined abbey in the Dolmenwood. … Continue reading

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The Tomb of Dagobert

The Tomb of Dagobert by Matthew Evans Mithgarthr Entertainment 5e Levels 2-3 This five page adventure, with two “real pages, is a very simple nine room tomb complex stuffer full of undead. The terse writing style and ok hook are … Continue reading

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Dungeon Lord – The First Issue

By: Various Death Machine Press DCC Level – Various This is a 28 page zine with a kick ass cover. It has three dungeons in it, as was published in 2014. Good ol’ Bryce, always on the ball. I don’t … Continue reading

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The Orb of Undying Discord

By Ian McGarty Silver Bulettes Swords & Wizardry Level 2-3 Can you brave the dangers and outsmart the puzzles to obtain the Orb of Undying Discord? This eleven page adventure in a small seven room dungeon answers the question put … Continue reading

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A Wedding in Axebridge

By Christopher Seal Guild Companion/Iron Crown HARP “Up to 5th Level” The lands around Axebridge are renowned for strange happenings. Unbeknown to the inhabitants, these occurrences happen because Axebridge is situated close to a place of great magical power, which … Continue reading

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