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Dungeon Magazine #93

Fun fact. I pulled the next Dungeon off the pile, looked at the cover and thought. “Fuck! Another Gith adventure?!!? And on a magic carpet?” Then I noticed I had a dup of issue 92. I would like to change … Continue reading

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Sleeping Place of the Feathered Swine

By Logan Knight Last Gasp Grimoire LotFP Level 1 Parasitic infections, stylishly cursed armour, amateur veterinary surgery, unreliable incendiary devices, edible mushrooms, spells unheard of, a wizard in need. Disgusting glory and lost limbs await you within the Sleeping Palace … Continue reading

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AA #27 – Bitterroot Briar

By Lang Waters Expeditious Retreat Press OSRIC Level 2-4 The small village of Ipwich has been plagued by mystery for years. Why do some people, last seen decades ago, come stumbling out of the woods looking as young as the … Continue reading

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Dungeon Magazine #92

So, here’s a poser: is Dungeon Magazine a poetry magazine or a house organ? By this, I mean does the magazine staff have a directive to preserve the author’s writing, no matter how bad, or do they have an obligation … Continue reading

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Vault of the Faceless Giants

By Richard LeBlanc Jr. New Big Dragon Games Unlimited Labyrinth Lord Level 1-3 In a jungle village a complains that her baby has been taken. A lot of the villagers think she abandoned it in the jungle or a tiger … Continue reading

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A Thousand Dead Babies

By Zzarchov Kowolski Self-Published Neoclassical Greek Revival/OSR Level 1 A small little town in the grips of some religious turmoil. It switched to follow the Holy Church about a generation ago, throwing o their ties to the Old Gods (mostly). … Continue reading

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Dungeon Magazine #91

Challenge of Champions IV By Johnathan M. Richards 3e Any Level The fourth installment of the puzzle adventure series. The characters enter a tourney with no spells, items, etc, and everything is provided to them in each room, on scrolls, … Continue reading

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Famine at Holderfield

By Frank Schmidt Self-Published 5e Level 2 This tongue in cheek adventure brings new PCs into a small town after an adventure. Upon arrival they quickly discover that the small agricultural community has just been robbed of its harvest supply. … Continue reading

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Dungeon Magazine #90

The Elfwhisper By J.C. Alvarez 3e Level 8 Oh, to mourn for what could have been. The party is trying to find a bandit in some woods and stumbles upon some cursed elves … who they COULD choose to free. … Continue reading

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Curse of the Kobold Eye

By Dave Olson Cut to the Chase Games S&W Level 2-4 An unusual curse from their last brush with danger befalls a party of adventurers! Haunted by the spectral image of a one-eyed kobold warrior, the heroes must race to … Continue reading

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