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Constant Downpour – Remastered

By Marco SerranoSelf PublishedMothership In Constant Downpour, players are Space Military soldiers who have just been dispatched to Venus in response to a distress call. SD-021, a sun dome located deep in the Venusian jungle, is under attack and requesting … Continue reading

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Wavestone Keep

By Kevin Conyers ShickTohp OSE Level 3 Fear the waves, the tides and the sea itself! A fearsome tower of stone roams the oceans, delivering its deadly cargo of lizardmen wherever it happens to land! *sigh* Eight pages. Nine rooms, … Continue reading

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Electric Friends, adventure review

By Jonathan Snodgrass Tuesday Night Fiends Club Star Crawl/MCC/DCC Level 3 You’ve been hired to scavenge a long-forgotten robot factory and failure is not an option! This forty page digest adventure uses about eight pages to describe about seven rooms. … Continue reading

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(SciFi) Hard Light

By Kevin CrawfordSine Nomine PublishingStars Without NumberLevels 1-3 Hard Light takes a band of young adventurers to a system blazing with the murderous light of a red giant star. The hard-bitten novium miners of the Brightside mining station maintain the … Continue reading

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