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(5e) Cha’alt

By: Venger As’nas Satanis Kort’thalis Publishing 5e? Sure, whatever Venger … Level: Meaningless! Fuck your rules! Cha’alt is the beast of a book (218 pages) I’ve been working on for the past year.  It’s a ruined world focusing on a … Continue reading

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Black Pudding #6 / Underground Down below

J.V. West Random Order Creations OSR Levels 3-6 Black Pudding #6 is a zine and I’m reviewing the eight pagepointcrawl adventure “Underground Down Below”, with map by Evlyn Moreau. It’s got 36 encounters described over eight pages, if you count … Continue reading

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The Chalice of Blood

By Megan Irving Aegis Studios BGRPG Levels 5-6 A group of Ragnar cultists have found a magical relic, a chalice that can never be filled, and are using it to lure treasure hunters and adventurers to their lair. Foolish adventurers … Continue reading

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(5e AL) Where the Dead Wait

By James Introcaso Self Published 5e Level 3 On their way back to Salvation, the adventurers are ambushed by a large force of undead and forced to seek shelter in a ruined cottage. As the dead close in from all … Continue reading

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Lair of the Shorlee Wyrm

By James & Robyn George Olde House Rules OSR Lower Levels Years ago, a dragon was slain in the Shorlee hills, or so said the one surviving warrior who made it back, only to succumb to his wounds before the … Continue reading

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Ragged Hollow Nightmare

By Joseph Lewis Dungeon Age Adventures OSR (&5e!) Levels 1-4 Yesterday, young Tobias went to investigate an old tomb by himself. Everyone told him it was a bad idea. Everyone was right. Today, you and your companions awaken to a … Continue reading

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Ruins of the Grendleroot – 5e D&D Adventure Review

By Michael E. Shea Sly Flourish 5e Levels 1-5 For a thousand thousand years, an ancient entity has been trapped in the heart of a mountain formed from rock not of this world. Over eons, creatures both monstrous and intelligent … Continue reading

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Mike’s Dungeons

Geoffrey McKinney Self-published B/X Levels 1-10 I took my DeLorean time machine back to 1983. I saw there four middle-school boys playing Dungeons & Dragons, and Mike was the name of the DM. I managed to steal Mike’s dungeons and … Continue reading

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Where There’s a Will, OSR Adventure Review

By Jacob W. Michaels Raging Swan Press OSR Level … ? Standing on a dingy side street in Low City the Scythe has a reputation as a place for hard drinking and its entertainers. Nights at the Scythe are rarely … Continue reading

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(5e) The Song of the Sun Queens

By Shane Ivey Arc Dream Publishing 5e Level 2 The adventurers have journeyed uncounted miles to the vast plains of the Sunlands. A merchant in a faraway city told them that a great treasure rests in an ancient, cursed ruin … Continue reading

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