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Kidnap the Archpriest

By Skerples Self Published Systemless Low Levels The Archpriest, leader of the Church, has defied a summons to the Immortal Capital. You have been chosen to retrieve the recalcitrant pontiff. Disclosure: This went through my content partner service. This 54 … Continue reading

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The Beseeching Parliment

By Peeka Rihko Floodhold Publishing OSR Levels 1-3 A mansion in disrepair. A family in shambles. A thousand dark shapes against aurora-laden skies. This forty page adventure location describes a family, their small manor, and the region around it, along … Continue reading

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The Isle of Klamacki

By Jay Kemberling & Joel Logan A Hole in the Ground Terrain & Games 5e Leven 1 They have all been convicted of various crimes. Let your players come up with what they were rightly or wrongly convicted of. They … Continue reading

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Revelry in Northgate

By Stephen J. Grodzicki Low Fantasy Gaming OGL/d20 Level 2? Lady Hargraves, a prestigious noblewoman and infamous socialite, has a desperate mission for the party: her husband Lord Hargraves is on a drinking binge once again, and she wants him … Continue reading

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The Dark Tower of Arcma

by Joseph A. Mohr Expeditious Retreat Press OSRIC Levels 6-10 For many years now the locals around the village of Dunmoth have spoken only in whispers about the strange goings on in the Wild Woods around the village. Tales of … Continue reading

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The Bandit’s Cave

By Richard Kunz Legendary Games 5e Level 1 The people of Corbin Village are hardy folk, familiar with the dangers of the region. But when a band of orcs raids the village, Sheriff McBride realizes she has more troubles than … Continue reading

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Operation Unfathomable

By Jason Sholtis Hydra Cooperative S&W Level 1- BEHOLD!!! the Underworld in all its bewildering majesty as titanic Chaos godlings and their unsavory cults make genocidal war upon one another! EXPLOIT!!! a trail of dead horrors supplied by the recent, … Continue reading

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Beneath the Fallen Tower

By Denis McCarthy Aegis Studios S&W Light Level ??? Fifty years ago, a magician known as Melchior the Despoiler, rumored to be consorting with dark forces near the town of Southfork was investigated by a troop of militia and a … Continue reading

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The Lost Hall of Tyr

By Douglas H. Cole Gaming Ballastic LLC 5e Levels 4-7 The Hall of Judgment: Here Tyr himself guided human and dwarf in the ways of honor, law, retribution, and justice in war and life. It has been lost for centuries, … Continue reading

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Flower Liches of the Dragonboat Festival

By Kabuki Kaiser Self Published OSR All Levels 0 1st level, low When omens portend ill fortune for the city, the priests call upon a Dragonboat Festival: a racing competition gathering swift boatmen from all over the continent. Their ancient … Continue reading

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