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The Mines of Valdhum

By Matthew Evans Mithgarthr Entertainment Labyrinth Lord Levels 5-7 Nordriki, the northern kingdom of the land of Mithgarthr, has been relatively free of dragons for hundreds of years, but recently the locals have been reporting sightings of red, white, and … Continue reading

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[5e] Modrons, Mephits, & Mayhem

By Tim Bannock Self Published 5e Levels 5-8 It is primarily set in a modron-designed research facility that has been abandoned by its creators but retains guardians that are still active. Additionally, two groups have broken into the facility with … Continue reading

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Dungeon Magazine #149

Not as bad as I was expecting for issue 149. Nice ideas, poorly implemented. War of the Wielded By Richard Pett Level 5 Well, you don’t see that everyday. I tend to like things stretched to their logical conclusion, or … Continue reading

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Catacombs of Chaos

By Walter P. Jones Jr. New Realms Publishing Labyrinth Lord Levels 1-3 The trading season has begun and the town of Ravenor is filled with merchants and celebrators looking to enjoy the upcoming Spring Festival. But not all is well … Continue reading

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Tranzar’s Redoubt

By Joe Johnston II Taskboy Games Labyrinth Lord Level 4-6 Every fool knows that a cornered conjurer is a most dangerous foe. But a truly wise wizard will always have a fallback plan to use when victory eludes him. A … Continue reading

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Dungeon Magazine #148

The Automatic Hound By James L. Sutter Level 4 A beast stalks a village. Killing it just causes it to return the next night. The party has to figure out that the body of a recently dead boy needs to … Continue reading

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A Forgotten Evil

By Alex D. Karaczun Mischief, Inc 1e Levels 1-3 In ages past, nations fought great wars with the aid of powers from fiendish allies. Much has been forgotten since then, but sometimes that which is forgotten can be the greatest … Continue reading

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The Atheneum of Yearning

By Oswald Self Published LotFP Levels 1-3? The atheneum was a center of learning which became the headquarters of a dangerous cult. Where forgotten ones hoped to be chosen for the pure land. Their rituals went wrong during the city’s … Continue reading

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Dungeon Magazine #147

The Aundairian Job By Craig Shackleton Level 5 Holy shit! A sandbox! I’m not kidding, a real sandbox! In a late issue dungeon! It’s a bank heist. An exorcist wants a possessed amulet from a bank vault, so he can … Continue reading

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The Ruined Tower Giant

By (Uncredited) Unbalanced Dice Games Labyrinth Lord Mid-Level The party must go to the tower the giant took with him when he ran away. Something is bugging the Duke and his Necromancer thinks it has to do with the tower. … Continue reading

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