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(D&D 5e) The Tomb of Black Sand

Jacob Hurst & Donnie Garcia Swordfish 5e Levels 4-5 Deep in the forest plants and animals twist and crack and seem to fill with stars before they vanish, screaming into nothing. A tomb has appeared, and lumberjacks argue about its … Continue reading

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War of Wolves

By CS Barnhart Mad Martian Games OSRIC No Level Given The peaceful villages of Eastern Thanegard are under attack. Fenrir raiders have taken up arms against Einheriar colonists. Or have they? And if they have can they be stopped? These … Continue reading

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The Forgotten Grottoes of the Sea Lords

By Keith Sloan Expeditious Retreat Press OSRIC Levels 6-8 More than a century ago, the evil Sea Lords ruled this region. They were cruel men, devil-worshippers who practiced vile rites and were the terror of folk across the seas. But, … Continue reading

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(D&D 5e) Temple of Old Faith

By Matija Pilepic Eight Pointed 5e Level 3 Blood on the traitors’ hands never dried. Instead, it flowed from Cup until it bathed the temple and valley in a flood of profane holy blood, thick and dark and hateful. Life … Continue reading

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Shipwreck at Har’s Point

By R. Nelson Bailey Dungeoneers Guild Games OSR Levels 1-3 Nothing much usually happens in the sleepy fishing hamlet of Har’s Point. Recently, however, a ship has crashed on the rocks outside of town. Now rumors concerning treasure it supposedly … Continue reading

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Geir Loe Cyn-Crul

By Anthony Huso Self-published OSRIC Level 9 The entrance to Geir Loe Cyn-crul is a towering doorway hidden in the crook of a precipitous ridge. As a manifestation of greed supplanting ancient veneration, the doors have been torn off and … Continue reading

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(Pathfinder) Dark Days in Stoneholme

By Jonathan McAnulty AAW Games Pathfinder Level 3 Waves of supernatural darkness sweep over the subterranean city of Stoneholme, quenching lights and bringing with it foul creatures of shadow. After heroically defending a group of dwarven children from being ravaged … Continue reading

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The Necropolis of Nuromen

By Justin Becker, Michael Thomas Dreamscape Design Blueholme Level 1 … introduce a group of 1st level characters to the thrills of Underworld exploration as they attempt to unravel they secrets of the evil necromancer’s lair and deal with some … Continue reading

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Mystery at Morfurt

By Todd Pote Arcana Creations S&W Levels 1-3 Hey, I was told I’m not supposed to be ashamed and embarrassed to note I have a Patreon. It still feels wrong. If you join, then you get to read my daily … Continue reading

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(5e) Sinner’s Manor

By James Eck Mind Weave 5e Level 1 *sigh* This nineteen page adventure details a four level manor with about twenty five rooms in about five pages. It’s just combat encounters in a non-keyed long paragraph descriptive format. Combined, of … Continue reading

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