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Echoes from Fomalhaut #10

Gabor Lux First Hungarian d20 Society OSR The Temple of Polyphema: The temple of the cyclopean goddess has been taken over by a band of marauding gnolls. Are you a bad enough dude to drive them out, and avert the … Continue reading

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The Great Mansion Heist

By Ben Gibson Coldlight Press OSE/5e/Pathfinder (Conversion Notes for stats, etc) Levels 1-2 More than a mile away from the sweaty market town that bears his name, Merchant Lord Salmo spends most of his time in his formidable manse, luxuriating … Continue reading

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Fortress on the Wild Frontier

The Nameless Designer Self Published Heroes of Adventure Someone suggested this. Hrumph! The sighting and return of the great mystical comet Mithilanthor heralds a time of wild magic, which has only added to the sense of unease. At night, under … Continue reading

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The Mythic North

By Isaac VanDuyn Esoteric Ludology OSR There are no wizard guilds, no orcs or dwarves. Monsters exist, but only as legends haunting distant reaches. The ascendant Church hunts down any hint of magic, and witches and enchanters practice their forbidden … Continue reading

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Adeva’s Mountain Shrine

By Franklin Hicks Self Published Shadowdark Levels 1-3 A small village at the base of the mountain holds a terrible secret. Unknown to all but the village elder and the Shrine Keeper the villages goddess, Adeva, is actually a devil. … Continue reading

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Lair of the Battle Mage

By James Floyd Kelly The Tabletop Engineer Generic? “Low Levels The best stories told by Niloshis the Whisperer here at the Dented Helm Tavern seem to always involve a theft. That old half-elf sorcerer has got a never-ending supply of … Continue reading

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Prison-Pit of the Agelast King

By Thom Wilson ThrowiGames Shadowdark Levels 1-2 A Request! An exiled king’s castle has aged centuries overnight, terrifying locals and passing travelers. Although relieved to be rid of the ruthless despot, farmers are fearful of what the small keep’s sudden … Continue reading

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You Should Never Have Come Here

By Thom Wilson ThrowiGames OSE Levels 3-5 After being spurned by a handsome noble, the warlock Zor Zaynne placed an infertility curse upon a region of the land. Although she accepted numerous payments from noble families to reverse the affliction, … Continue reading

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Riven Catacombs

By Bart Wynants Bolwerk Publishing Generic/Universal/OSR Levels 1-3 Centuries ago, the Red Death cast its shadow across the realm. A demonic plague of gargantuan proportions, it felled nearly one-third of the population. Desperate survivors nailed the crimson corpses into hastily … Continue reading

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Kavlov’s Sanctuary

By Jean Luc Lariviere-Lacombe, Todd Terwilliger The Dungeon’s Key OSE Levels … ? 1-5? A millennium has passed since Kavlov imprisoned the demon Balthazar deep beneath the earth, binding themselves within the Halls of Dread to guarantee their success. However, … Continue reading

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