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By Greg Gillespie Self-published Labyrinth Lord Levels 1- Local villagers call for aid! An eerie green light appeared atop the Dwimmerhorn Mountain. The light came from HighFell – the ruins of an ancient wizard school. The infernal blaze grew until … Continue reading

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The Hidden Tomb of Nephabti

By Jeremy Reaban Self Published Labyrinth Lord Levels 5-7 Aeons ago, the forces of Apophis defeated the great paladin of Isis, Nephabti, and imprisoned her in stasis in a hidden tomb, along with those that had failed Apophis. Somehow or … Continue reading

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(5e) The Tower of Tharikthiril

By Devin Cutler Self Published 5e Level 3 The evil wizard Tharikthiril was defeated by the dwarves years ago. But why then are the groundlings becoming numerous around his ruined tower? And what are those strange lights seen in the … Continue reading

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Bone Marshes

By David Schriduan Technical Grimoire Games Knave We need your help! The marshes are burning, and we don’t know why! This 48 page hexcrawl has 25 hexes. [Hex size defined as “four hours to cross] It falls in to the … Continue reading

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(5e) Deception at Undervine

By Perry McKinley Self Published 5e Levels 1-4 The PCs will need to investigate the town of Undervine, carefully examining the various personalities there. They will travel to the Muckfoot Bog, the Shadytree Woods, and the nearby Caverns of Undervine. … Continue reading

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(5e) Belmey

By Michael LaBossiere Self Published 5e Levels 1-4 War is coming. Two nations have set aside their differences to fulfil their historical ambition: to reclaim a province lost long ago. As with any war, arms and armor are needed and … Continue reading

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Wyvernseeker Rock

By RP Davis Aegis Studios O&O/BX Levels 2-5 A long age ago, beyond mortal memory, a forgotten people built a watching post and refuge atop and within Wyvernseeker Rock. A hundred years ago, an adventurer named Olaf Wyvernseeker claimed the … Continue reading

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In the Company of Thieves

By Aaron Lopez Aegis Studios O&O/BX Levels 2-3 Outside the city of Luminere lies the town of Crescent Falls, a medium-sized village of 500 residents. Crescent Falls has been relatively quiet until recently. Several rural farmsteads have had their entire … Continue reading

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(5e) Waking the Wizard

By Robert L Rath RATHSQUATCH Publishing 5e Levels 1-4 The morning dew hasn’t even had a chance to evaporate when the carrier rides in. His flowing shirt decorated cart, and a tabard adorned with a lion within a purple diamond … Continue reading

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From the Mouth of Babes

By Ken Carcas Aegis Studios B/X Level 2-3 A dirty pair of hungry goblin children wander upon the party on the wilderness side of The Untamed Gauntlet. Through difficult communication, the party manages to find out that something bad happened … Continue reading

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