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Tomb of the Twice-Crowned King

By G. Hawkins Self Published OSRIC Levels 8-10 When death finally drew near and the forces of law were at the gates, Heimfell the giant two-headed king built a great tomb in the hills. He ordered his sorcerers to place … Continue reading

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Wavestone Keep

By Kevin Conyers ShickTohp OSE Level 3 Fear the waves, the tides and the sea itself! A fearsome tower of stone roams the oceans, delivering its deadly cargo of lizardmen wherever it happens to land! *sigh* Eight pages. Nine rooms, … Continue reading

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SG1 – Hill Giant Hall

By J.D. Neal Self-Published BFRPG Levels 9-12 Evil has risen and the countryside is in panic. Life in the rich, flat farmlands near the forested hills has never been completely safe, but now giants have arrived, ransacking communities and waylaying … Continue reading

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FGG1 – Fane of the Fallen

This is a large adventure that centers around a ‘new’ race and their attempt to free a powerful demon. While it is plot based it has a great deal of freedom associated with it. The various encounters tend to be … Continue reading

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