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Smuggler’s Bane

Possibly the most boring, worst, OSR module of all time. The party must stop some smugglers in sea caves. Oh’s No’s! I am generally loathe to say a module sucks. I’m looking for megadungeons and whimsy, you may be looking … Continue reading

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The Nameless City

Enter the deadly city of the degenerated serpent-people … If You Dare! It is a rather well known fact that I tread where Solar fear to go, so I dared enter the Nameless City. There isn’t much of a lead-in, … Continue reading

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Into the Mite Lair

This is a two level cave system housing jerlamain. It is a good example of a mediocre OSR module. Bob the Sage is looking for a magic sword. He sends the party to investigate some caves in the mountains. That’s … Continue reading

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Man Eater

A desert wilderness adventure with a small dungeon and vengeance filled villain. A little work could turn it in to a very good adventure. It’s a story as old as time itself: a servant girl sleeps with the sheik, get … Continue reading

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The Secret of Whispering Wood

This is an adventure framework using a Runquest clone system. It has that Runequest feel, of mystic bronze-age fantasy, but is quite a barebones product. It was a simple mission from the sage: gather some wood from a holy tree … Continue reading

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BB1 – The Pearl of Pirates’ Cove

An old pirate lair in sea saves. The map design, while making sense, is not very interesting, and there’s not enough strange to explore. The detail comes in all the wrong places. It’s a stocking exercise, similar to B1. Arrrrrrr! … Continue reading

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Shadowbrook Manor

This is a wonderful OSR product that hits most of what I’m looking for in a product. It would be a great introduction to the OSR for new players. The Archmage Tazimack the Red is dead. Once a force for … Continue reading

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Song of the Beast-Gods

A Pathfinder module that attempts to invoke an old school Sword & Sorcery feel. The kick ass cover and name are a bit let down by the contents. What’s this … a Pathfinder module review?! Indeed gentle readers, but not … Continue reading

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X14 Altanis – The Sunken City

This module most closely resembles a small wilderness area adventure with significant opportunity for exploration underwater. As a framework, its generally missing the detail that accompanies a location-based encounter, and further work by the DM to expand it will probably … Continue reading

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Temple of the Ape

Tales of a tropical paradise! Beautiful native women! Mountain full of precious stones! Rumors of being torn limb from limb by bestial guardians are but a minor worry when the rewards are so great! This is an OD&D module and … Continue reading

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