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Moans of the Dead

by Lotheras of Gaiden Self Published Swords & Wizardry Level 1 The Villagers of Iceshire are certain they are hearing the gurgling and moaning of the undead in the snow capped woodlands that surrounds their tiny civilization. Some of the … Continue reading

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Dungeon Magazine #71

Priestly Secrets by W. Jason Peck AD&D Levels 1-4 Set on the Lenore Isles, this is a little investigation dungeon crawl with a decent amount of color, that is at least four times longer than it needs to be. Giant … Continue reading

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For Sale – Almost everything

Please forgive my rather crass marketing. I’m transitioning to a being of pure thought and as such need to get rid of some things. I’m selling most of my physical RPG collection (Stupid Marie Kondo!) along with my wife getting … Continue reading

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The Evil of Witches Fen

by Joe Johnston Task Boy Games Labyrinth Lord Levels 4-7 Uh … DeRp? A one page hex crawl in a foul swampy region. It gives it the old college try but falls short in its lack of verbs … and … Continue reading

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Under Fogbreath Peak

by Joe Johnson Taskboy Games Labyrinth lord Levels 3-5 A Stone Giant needs your help. His clan was slaughtered by a mad wizard who now lairs among its bones. He wants revenge. Can you survive the warrens beneath Fogbreath Peak? … Continue reading

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Dungeon Magazine #70

This issue of Dungeon is worth seeking out. Homonculous Stew by Andrew DiFiore Jr AD&D Levels 2-4 This is trying to be good, but six pages for three encounters is pushing my tolerance for text. There’s a talking ogre who … Continue reading

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Shadowed Keep on the Borderlands

by Creighton Broadhurst Raging Swan Press Pathfinder Level 1 A ruined monument to folly and ego, the Shadowed Keep stands atop an isolated bluff deep in a mist-wreathed forest. Sacked by marauding goblins decades ago the place was thought abandoned, … Continue reading

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The Black Monestary

by Mark Shipley & Scott Stabbert Frog God Games Swords & Wizardry Level 7 … But the Black Monastery was not gone forever. Over nearly two centuries since its destruction, the Black Monastery has returned from time to time to … Continue reading

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