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Kazad Mor

By Taylor Seely-Wright Self Published Shadowdark/OSR Level … 1? Crawlers delve into the cursed, abandoned halls of the dwarves. They delve for gold, glory, and magic. They delve to find the truth of the fortress and its abandonment. The product … Continue reading

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Grackle’s Vale

By Randy Musseau Roan Studio OSR Levels 3-5 The otherwise peaceful village of Grackle’s Vale has been terrorized of late by a creature that has taken up lair in the nearby ruins of Reeker’s Keep. It is a Boarman, a … Continue reading

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Parlour Tricks

By Daniel Herz Stromberg Press B/X Levels 1-3 Zolberg the magician runs a small discreet tavern called The Silver Globe. With the use of a magic item, he charms the unfortunate patrons to stay and suffer through his magic show, … Continue reading

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The Blue Lotus

By Sylathar Xal Sylath OSR Level 2 If you’re a novice GM: everything will be OK. Its all simple. You’re not supposed to be Kurt Vonnegut , Hermann Melville or Stephen King. Its a social game and the players are … Continue reading

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The Crimson Monastery

Sebastian Grabne Dawnfist Games Adventurous RPG The adventure takes place in the Shaded Valley, where the village of Lakeview is located. The Crimson Crusade is a fanatical religious order that have recently arrived in the valley, and made an old … Continue reading

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The Sphinx

By Masters of Evil Self Published OSE “Low Levels” A Sphinx sits proudly in the sands of the desert, constructed in honour of the forgotten potentates who once ruled the lands in time immemorial. From the abandoned camp and scaffold, … Continue reading

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The Rusted Tomb

By WR Beatty Rosethrone Publishing S&W Levels 1-…7? A short adventure location – a shrine and a tomb for a nearly forgotten godling.  Rumors suggest this is the resting place of He Who Forged Heaven and Hell. Craftsmen and Smiths … Continue reading

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The Most Secret Conspiracy

By Maksim Kotelnikov Monthly Adventures Generic/Universal A small group of adventurers through the fault of chance are caught up in the investigation of a mysterious conspiracy: someone is turning the entire city into a strange magical rune. This 29 page … Continue reading

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The Legacy

By Marcel Wirtz Ondaris Publishing OSR Level 0 Funnel Unveil the mysteries of Oak Grove in “The Legacy,” a thrilling adventure module where the discovery of an inheritance causes a stir in the village of Oak Grove: Is there really … Continue reading

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Echoes from Fomalhaut #10

Gabor Lux First Hungarian d20 Society OSR The Temple of Polyphema: The temple of the cyclopean goddess has been taken over by a band of marauding gnolls. Are you a bad enough dude to drive them out, and avert the … Continue reading

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