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Night Land

By Vasili KalimanSinging FlameOSELevels 2-3 Night Land is a realm where the sun has extinguished and its ashes lay strewn across a landscape. One after one, the stars in the universe are entering their ultimate stages of life, and existence … Continue reading

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Slyth Hive

By PrinceofNothingThe Merciless Merchants1eLevels 14+ What once was, shall be again. The evil Pharnabazus, high priest of Shub-Niggurath, has ventured into Old Agoiah, and with the aid of evil sorcery, has re-awakened an ancient terror. The Slyth, a weapon race … Continue reading

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The Valley of Flowers

Jedediah Berry, Andrew McAlpinePhantom Mill GamesOSE Wildendrem! Where quests unfurl like the petals of the blood-red poppy. Where monsters haunt the edges of the world—and the edges of the world draw ever nearer. Aerthur the Hornèd King is gone, but … Continue reading

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Constant Downpour – Remastered

By Marco SerranoSelf PublishedMothership In Constant Downpour, players are Space Military soldiers who have just been dispatched to Venus in response to a distress call. SD-021, a sun dome located deep in the Venusian jungle, is under attack and requesting … Continue reading

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Carcassay – Titan Rat City

By Joseph R. LewisDungeon Age AdventuresOSRLow-Mid The ancient world of Harth withers beneath its dying sun…but it’s not dead yet. Welcome to the strange and dangerous city of Carcassay, huddled below the skeleton of a titan rat, sprawling above the … Continue reading

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Sepulcher of the Sorceress-Queen

By Michael Stone & Alexander MacrisAutarchACKSLevels 7-9 Over a thousand years ago, the Zaharan Sorcerer-Queen Semiramis reigned over a court notorious for its decadent arts and lavish opulence. The hidebound nobles of Zahar were troubled by the ascendance of the … Continue reading

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The Greydeep Marches

By Peter SchweighoferGriffon Publishing StudioGeneric/Universal Three hundred years ago adventurers from the Vilburg Kingdom forayed into the untamed border region and quickly drove away isolated, unorganized bands of humanoids. Many settled here under the watchful eye of the Sentinel Knights … Continue reading

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Heart of the Sunken Lands

By Rudy KraftMidkemia PressGeneric/Universal About six hundred and fifty years ago, invaders from the Empire of Tsuranuanni, on the planet Kelewan, used powerful magic to open a “rift” through space and time to Midkemia. The invaders were repulsed but only … Continue reading

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Doctrine of Ghul

By Bruce CordellMonte Cook GamesCypher/5eLevels 4-5 Ghul. The creator of Goth Gulgamel, the fortress halfway up the Spire. Self-proclaimed offspring of Eslathagos Malkith—who himself created the wicked citadel at the top of the Spire, one of the most innately evil … Continue reading

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The Fenworthy Inheritance

By Simon ToddMontidotsBRP/CoC/Gore When David Farrington decided to drag his sister, Jinx, away from the hedonistic vortex of London’s Bright Young Things for a peaceful walking holiday he little envisioned that they would soon be entangled in a web of … Continue reading

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