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Black Pudding #6 / Underground Down below

J.V. West Random Order Creations OSR Levels 3-6 Black Pudding #6 is a zine and I’m reviewing the eight pagepointcrawl adventure “Underground Down Below”, with map by Evlyn Moreau. It’s got 36 encounters described over eight pages, if you count … Continue reading

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The Chalice of Blood

By Megan Irving Aegis Studios BGRPG Levels 5-6 A group of Ragnar cultists have found a magical relic, a chalice that can never be filled, and are using it to lure treasure hunters and adventurers to their lair. Foolish adventurers … Continue reading

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(5e AL) Where the Dead Wait

By James Introcaso Self Published 5e Level 3 On their way back to Salvation, the adventurers are ambushed by a large force of undead and forced to seek shelter in a ruined cottage. As the dead close in from all … Continue reading

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Lair of the Shorlee Wyrm

By James & Robyn George Olde House Rules OSR Lower Levels Years ago, a dragon was slain in the Shorlee hills, or so said the one surviving warrior who made it back, only to succumb to his wounds before the … Continue reading

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Ragged Hollow Nightmare

By Joseph Lewis Dungeon Age Adventures OSR (&5e!) Levels 1-4 Yesterday, young Tobias went to investigate an old tomb by himself. Everyone told him it was a bad idea. Everyone was right. Today, you and your companions awaken to a … Continue reading

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Ruins of the Grendleroot – 5e D&D Adventure Review

By Michael E. Shea Sly Flourish 5e Levels 1-5 For a thousand thousand years, an ancient entity has been trapped in the heart of a mountain formed from rock not of this world. Over eons, creatures both monstrous and intelligent … Continue reading

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Mike’s Dungeons

Geoffrey McKinney Self-published B/X Levels 1-10 I took my DeLorean time machine back to 1983. I saw there four middle-school boys playing Dungeons & Dragons, and Mike was the name of the DM. I managed to steal Mike’s dungeons and … Continue reading

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Where There’s a Will, OSR Adventure Review

By Jacob W. Michaels Raging Swan Press OSR Level … ? Standing on a dingy side street in Low City the Scythe has a reputation as a place for hard drinking and its entertainers. Nights at the Scythe are rarely … Continue reading

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(5e) The Song of the Sun Queens

By Shane Ivey Arc Dream Publishing 5e Level 2 The adventurers have journeyed uncounted miles to the vast plains of the Sunlands. A merchant in a faraway city told them that a great treasure rests in an ancient, cursed ruin … Continue reading

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Flying Fortress of the Celestial Order

By Radulf St. Germain Studio St. Germain OSR? Generic? 5e? “Lower Levels” The  city of  Shallow Bay  is preparing for  the greatest social  event of the year when  an eagerly-expected shipment of ball gowns goes missing. Rumors abound of goblins … Continue reading

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