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City of the Scorpion God

By Tuukka TenhunenNuclear SaintsFail Forward Deep in a forsaken desert, weeks away from this life-giving river, lies a ruined city of yore. It was destroyed by our people in the ancient times, for the city was dedicated to a foul … Continue reading

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The House under the Moondial

By HexagnomeSelf PublishedOSELevels 3-4 There is a witch in the wilds, a goddess unremembered, and a madman. There is a circle of stone – who knows what lies beneath? The villagers are distraught: their children! replaced by fae! The villagers … Continue reading

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A Place That Was, Is and Will Be

By Tobias Helms & Tobias HeidemannPink Pony of DeathShadowdark/1eLevels 1-3 The wooden city of Narbassal burnt for three consecutive nights and days. Those who couldn’t escape or were spared from death were led into captivity. Man-eating aquatic ghouls (Pale Drowners) … Continue reading

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The Chambers of Ohebis

By Rob ArcangeliGallant Knight GamesOSR/Riches & RuinsIntroductory Adventure “Magical rings, a golden fleece, mystical lamps and dragon eggs. Someone is always after something to make their dreams come true and you are no different. As a group of adventurers, treasure … Continue reading

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Tomb of the Tin Templar

By Jospeh R. LewisDungeon AgeCairn/OSE/5eLevels … 2-3? The ancient world of Harth withers beneath its dying sun… but it’s not dead yet. Face off against electric jellyfish, tinker gnomes, and the rusted corpse of the noble Sir Tristan, as well … Continue reading

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Through the Weirdwood

By Jonah LemkinsSelf PublishedGeneric/UniversalLevels ? The Old North Road goes through the Weirdwood. It’s too far to go around it at this point. The barmaid at the last tavern said, “Only the strangest of folk go romping through that wood, … Continue reading

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The God With No Name

Panayiotis LinesLeyline PressOSELevel ? Mid? You cannot touch their face and cannot touch their hair. Their voice sings in the wind of the valley and sobs at dawn. Once a vast primordial sea creature, the God with No Name slept … Continue reading

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The Wizard’s Tower

By Robert MillsTrebormills Gamesd6? Levels … Mid? The situation in Greymarsh has become dire indeed, heroic individuals are needed to rise to the task of defending it. Villages in the Southlands have reported sighting hoards of undead, coming from out … Continue reading

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Bastard King of Thraxford Castle

By Panayiotis Lines & A. LawlorLeyline PressOSELevel … 3? Beware the Curse of Thraxford Castle my child. A Curse of rotted flesh borne from The Bastard King’s slaughter of his kin. As the dawn rises so do the dead, to … Continue reading

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The Tower of the Elephant

By Luiz Eduardo RiconHexplore Publishing OSELevels 3-5 The shimmering shaft of the tower rose frostily in the stars. In the sunlight it shone so dazzlingly that few could bear its glare, and men said it was built of silver. This … Continue reading

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