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Valen’cya’s Horde

by James D. Kramer Usherwood Publications OSRIC Levels 4-6 Wild tales spoken in hushed tones over half-filled mugs of strong ale fill the adventurer’s ears of a dragon so ancient, she is said to be literally decaying from old age. … Continue reading

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The Citadel beyond the North Wind

by Morten Braten Xoth.Net Publishing Pathfinder Levels 8-10 There is a land far to the north, past the black hills of Lamu and beyond the frozen moors of Tharag Thule; a dreary land of mist and thunder, where the white … Continue reading

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ASE2-3 Anomalous Subsurface Environment Dungeon Levels 2 & 3

by Patrick Wetmore Henchman Abuse Labyrinth Lord Levels 2-4 The Anomalous Subsurface Environment is more than just robots and lasers — its clowns and dinosaurs, too! Levels 2 and 3 of the critically ignored gonzo megadungeon are finally available — … Continue reading

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UK-S01 Blood of the Dragon

by Newt Newport D101 Games Crypts & Things Levels 1-3 “Under a land shrouded in volcanic ash punctuated by rocky spires that tear at the sky they say the Great Dragon sleeps. Tyanos the Black, Trickster god of the long … Continue reading

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AA25 – The Heart of Empire

by Benton Wilson Expeditious Retreat Press OSRIC Levels 3-5 (or 1-3, the cover and fist page differ. I suspect 1-3) The capital of the Venirian Empire has been re-located back to Venir, and a thriving city has been built above … Continue reading

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