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By Malrex The Merciless Merchants OSR Levels 7-9 Your party successfully emerges from whatever dark hole you were conquering (or fleeing from) to be greeted by fire-swept terrain; a burning hell! A wildfire leaves a blackened and charred landscape. Ash … Continue reading

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Wavestone Keep

By Kevin Conyers ShickTohp OSE Level 3 Fear the waves, the tides and the sea itself! A fearsome tower of stone roams the oceans, delivering its deadly cargo of lizardmen wherever it happens to land! *sigh* Eight pages. Nine rooms, … Continue reading

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The Keep of the Broken Saint

By WR Beatty Rosethrone Publishing Swords & Wizardry Levels 8-10 Only vague rumors speak of the ancient Keep of the Broken Saint. Divination fails to reveal anything useful, prayers and powerful magics continue to falter. Yet the rumors insist the … Continue reading

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NS4 – Blood on the Snow

by Kenneth Spencer Frog God Games Swords & Wizardry Levels 8-10 The country of Estenfird is in flames. Wild men and beasts have descended in hordes from the mountains bringing fire and destruction into the forested lands below. The hirths … Continue reading

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Colossus, Arise!

by Harley Stroh Goodman Games DCC Level 8 Giants stalk the shifting sands as the lost city of Stylos awakens from its deathless slumber. The Fourth Age of Man is at hand! All that stands between the gigantic hordes of … Continue reading

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