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By Simon Forster Sky Full of Dust Generic/Universal The Spire. A towering edifice a mile high and nearly a third wide at its base. This conical spike pierces the fertile soil of a small valley, standing before a narrow pass … Continue reading

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Ruins & Adventures #3 – The Sanctuary

(No designer listed) Mesozoic Press B/X Level 5 The ruins of a small village hide a dark secret. This twelve page adventure describes a 20-ish room dungeon in about six pages. It has a slow feel to it, with writing … Continue reading

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(5e) Masque of the Worms review

By Kelsey Dionne The Arcane library 5e Level 1 Baronness Elenore Rennet has yet to return home from a masque at Moldavia Manor two nights ago. Can the players find her and uncover the hideous secrets brooding inside the grim … Continue reading

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AA #42 – Dead in the Water

By Lang Waters Expeditious Retreat Press OSRIC Levels 3-5 You crack your eyes open, surprised to be alive after the sudden storm. What was it that woke you? The hot sun? The stillness ringing in your ears? Bruised, you disentangle … Continue reading

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The Crypt of Rokar

By Michael Mills Cannister & grape OSR Levels 1-3 Buried deep beneath the barrow mounds of the Wild Wood, Rokar the Terrible slumbers fitully in his sarcophagus, his bride beside him. What terrors protect Rokar as he dreams his fevered … Continue reading

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Spire of the Kobolds

By Megan Irving Aegis Studios O&O / BX Levels 1-2 The Untamed Gauntlet has many mysteries. The Spire is one of them: a huge tower of gleaming rock pointing towards the heavens, with a winding dungeon carved beneath it. Currently, … Continue reading

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(5e) Krillo’s Tomb

By John Heffernan Island of Bees 5e Level 3 The adventurers are hired to enter into a catacomb to discover the treasures inside before a rival faction of thieves can get there first. Their employer, a goblin named Krillo, offers … Continue reading

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Cult of the Blue Crab

By Rudolf St Germain Studio St Germain 5e/13th Age Levels 3-4 The small city of Shallow Bay is plagued by a gang of smugglers who sell contraband alcohol and luxury foods to the people. The mayor’s expensive lifestyle has depleted … Continue reading

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(5e) The Curse of Lost Memories

By Christophe Herrbach, Anthony PachecoGriffon Lore Games LLC5eLevel 1 Hey, quick reminder that I have a Patreon. It helps offset the costs of the website and buying adventures. Unlike some, I don’t accept adventures to review; I buy everything I … Continue reading

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The Magician’s House

By Ray WeidnerSelf PublishedDCCLevels 1-3 The city of Blackrock is in peril! An army of shrieking demons marches inexorably closer, less than a week away from putting its people to the knife. The Duke puts out a call: brave and … Continue reading

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