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LG1 – Terror in the Forest of Gizzick

By Claude M. LeBrun Dragonsfoot AD&D Levels 3-5 Something has been terrorizing farms and houses that lie in or near the Forest of Gizzick. People are being killed, livestock is being killed or stolen, and buildings are burning down. Even … Continue reading

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The Mad God’s Jest

By Shane Ward 3 Toadstools Publishing Labyrinth Lord Level 6 Deep inside the mind of Captain Sherborne, he’s cracked. His dreams haunted by a Harlot. However nothing is what it seems. He wanders the world looking for brave souls to … Continue reading

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Dungeon Magazine #97

Blind Man’s Bluff By Rob Manning 3e Level 6 Side-trek. An eloquent group of disguised grimlocks (WTF?!) get the party to rescue their buddies from an ettin wight. Once they do so, the grimlocs betray the party and attack from … Continue reading

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The Lapis Observatory

By Jacob Hurst, Gabriel Hernandez, Evan Peterson, Donnie Garcia Self Published System Neutral This is a six level fifty-ish room tower. It used to be an elven observatory and then was turned into an elven hotel/pleasuredome for the jaded. (Soulless/Eid … Continue reading

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Escape from Groncho’s Lair

By Stuart P. Keating Dioxin Dump LLC OSR Levels 1-2 Most adventures involve getting to the absolute bottom of a dungeon, blithely swinging hammers and swords through warriors and civilians, pillaging and looting along the way.This adventure inverts the traditional … Continue reading

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Dungeon Magazine #96

Short “reviews” this time around. I’ve love to do something more in-depth. But that requires Dungeon having something worth the analysis. Speak of the devil! A decent adventure in this issue! Hollow Threats By Richard Pett 3e Level 1 Side-Trek. … Continue reading

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The Craft Dungeon of Reynaldo Lazendry

By Jeremy Reaban Self-published OSR Levels 1-3 Nearly 200 years ago, the great wizard Reynaldo Lazendry vanished, his tower exploding in a spectacular manner that left rubble everywhere. Now time has weathered away that rubble, allowing access to the dungeons … Continue reading

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Tales of the Scarecrow

By James Edward Raggi, IV LotFP LotFP 8 pages of experimental horror, dread magic, and campaign-bending madness. My first post-GenCon review, picked this up from the LotFP booth. It’s a small eight page volume that describes one brief setup for … Continue reading

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Dungeon Magazine 95

The Jackal’s Redemption By Chad MacPhee & Greg Oppedisano 3e Level 9 Fourteen mostly linear encounters in a wizards tower and caves in Gehenna. A wizards tower phases in & out of existance, which started right about the time four … Continue reading

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Streets of Zobeck

I own this because either I saw online it was a good adventure or I saw online that someone thought it was a good town supplement. Lies! Fucking Lies! The number of decent things in this book can be counted … Continue reading

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