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Shadows of the Sunken Dread

By Michele Toscan Self Published 5e Levels 3-4 The incessant floods engulfing the region have forced the young Maddalena Malatesta, the wicked Lord’s niece, to leave Montefiore Conca Castle without her cat, Cerasus. Since Maddalena was brought to the ancestral … Continue reading

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The Temple of Kalonius

By Vance Atkins Leicester’s Rambles OSE Levels 3-4 Brother Sigeric, head of a local “charity organization” has asked the party to retrieve an idol as a favor. Break into the hidden temple, snag the artifact, and back to the pub. … Continue reading

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The Brazen Beast

By Garnett Elliott Self Published Barbarians of Lemuria An advanced siege-engine, centuries ahead of its time, lies unclaimed on a bloody battlefield. But when heroes set forth to salvage the Brazen Beast, they discover a festering evil, much worse than … Continue reading

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Confusion in Kaelian Hill

By Kobe Potter Self Published 5e Level 1 Chase cultists through the streets and canals of the city, delve into the labrynthine sewers, and save innocents from the terrible powers of the Chaos Gods. This nine page adventure presents three … Continue reading

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The Secret of Cykranosh

By Wayne Rossi Initiative One games OSR Levels 1-3 Bandits have been using a cave as a base to raid caravans, but the learned know that ancient secrets lurk beneath the mountain, and that it was where the ancient sorcerer … Continue reading

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Hobbs & Friends of the OSR #1

By Jason Hobbs Rock RIver Games OSR Level … 2? […] Unfortunately, a Kamaran rebellion overtook the excavation site and Chandri nor his findings or results were ever found. Since then, the Vitem (raw magical energy) has mutated natural creatures … Continue reading

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The Key of Amalantra

By Terke Nordiin Svartnost OSR Levels … ? 2? The wizard Amalantra, known as the Master of Mirrors, is said to have hid all his secrets and treasures in a place that could only be accessed with a special key. … Continue reading

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The Beacon of Illumvale

By Geoff Marchiori Ludum press S&W Levels 1-3 Welcome to The Beacon of Illumvale. The Beacon, as the inhabitants refer to it, is a magnificent magical tower within the town of Illumvale that projects a protective magical light much like … Continue reading

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By the Light of the Whispering Flame

By Aaron Hedegaard Self Published WwN/OSR Levels 1-3 Welcome to the city of Collant, Jewel of the Serrated Coast, powerhouse of magic and industry. But when the city’s corrupt leaders make a bargain with a sealed demon, cataclysm strikes and … Continue reading

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The Drowned Valley of Gorth

By R.P. Davis Kabouter Games OSR Level 3? In a foggy valley high on the knees of The Spine, a ruined castle sleeps half-buried in rancid mud.  A fabulous fortune awaits bold adventurers — if they can survive long enough … Continue reading

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