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Temple of Diancecht

by Lawrence Mead & Edward Winter Distributed freely on Dragonsfoot AD&D Level 10 characters? A very basic kind of adventure, this has a couple of nice ideas however for the most part it seems like a mash-up of several disconnected … Continue reading

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Lair of the Demodand

by Craig Pitt Distributed free on Dragonsfoot AD&D Levels 8-12 Can your group of trusty adventurers save a small village from a monstrous evil? For 6-10 characters of level 8-12. Think hard: Have you ever actually _seen_ a Monty Haul … Continue reading

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The Monastery of the Order of Crimson Monks

by a Dragonfsfoot Consortium Dragonsfoot AD&D Levels 5-9 This is a free module from Dragonsfoot. It was a community project to fill out the sample dungeon from the 1E DMG. They’ve done a good job of filling the map with … Continue reading

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J1 – The Beast of Geshtein

by Jon Thompson Self-published AD&D Levels 1-4 A small farming community is plagued by thievery and the mayor is powerless to stop them! Who or what is behind these crimes? Brave and inquisitive adventurers are needed to solve the mystery … Continue reading

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Shadow of the Haunted Keep

by Jaap de Goede for Sangreal Dark Dungeon/OSR Levels 1-4 On a summer eve with a near full moon, you, your friends and some family have gathered in a sacred forest grove to celebrate the coming harvest. Enjoying song, stories … Continue reading

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The Forgotten Temple of Baalzebul

by Alphonso Warden for Brave Halfling OSRIC Levels 13-15 Several centuries past, a shadowy sect sought to enslave the world in the name of their dark lord, Baalzebul, one of the arch devils of Hell. They carved out a massive … Continue reading

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Knowledge Illuminates

by Tim Shorts for Gothridge Manor Games Swords & Wizardry Level 1 This is a short little adventure meant to completed in one night. It has a small wilderness area and a small eleven room dungeon. It has some decent … Continue reading

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H1 – The Bonegarden

by Lance Hawvermale and Rob Mason for Necromancer Games d20 Levels 12-14 The Bonegarden is a small nation ruled by the dead, a circular cemetery 1 mile in diameter, surrounded by a magical containment field that keeps its denizens from … Continue reading

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NS3 – The Death Curse of Sven Oakenfist

by Ken Spencer for Frog God Games Swords & Wizardry Levels 7-9 In the Northlands the laws of hospitality are absolute, to violate them is to seek dishonor or even death. What then must our heroes do when their host … Continue reading

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Death Love Doom

by James Edward Raggi IV for Lamentations of the Flame Princess LotFP 1st level fans of Hostel Movies Love inspired the gift. The gift kills. Death by love. This thing has a lot of VERY graphic imagery in it. It’s … Continue reading

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