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The Keep of the Broken Saint

By WR Beatty Rosethrone Publishing Swords & Wizardry Levels 8-10 Only vague rumors speak of the ancient Keep of the Broken Saint. Divination fails to reveal anything useful, prayers and powerful magics continue to falter. Yet the rumors insist the … Continue reading

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Dungeon of Crows 2 – Avatar of Yog Sutekhis

By Daniel J. Bishop Crowking Press Labyrinth Lord Levels 2-3? “This is the second installment of the Dungeon of Crows. This area includes some nods to HP Lovecraft, a group of brigands, and some other fun stuff. It is fewer … Continue reading

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(5e) Temple of the Opal Goddess

By Micah Watt Pyromaniac Press 5e Levels 5-8 A noble scion and his retinue from Baldur’s Gate left on an adventure amid much fanfare. That was two weeks ago. Rumours in the taverns suggest only a single soldier returned, bearing … Continue reading

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Dungeon of Crows – The First 28 Rooms

by Daniel J BishopCrowking PressLabyrinth LordLevel 1 Within you will find what remains of the Skullheap Goblins, a few vermin known and surprising, a mysterious rhizomatic growth, and the blue and red goop PCs will surely interact with. This adventure … Continue reading

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Dragonsfoot #24 – The Ruins of the River Gate

Andrew Hamilton Dragonsfoot AD&D/OSRIC Levels 3-6 This is one adventure in the latest issue, #24, of Footprints, released by the Dragonsfoot community. This is a nine page adventure with about 43 rooms over several smaller levels. Featuring the ruins of … Continue reading

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(5e) Quest for the Demon Slayer

by Ed Shatto Self Published 5e Levels 3-5 For levels 3-5. This is the first of four modules in a series. In this module we learn of an impending demon war, and go in search of a magical sword. Full … Continue reading

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The Things Lost to Time

By James Andrews Stormforge Productions LotFP/OSR Levels 1-3 Deep in a mine is an ancient vessel. Something so ancient, it sunk under the stone like mud. A vessel alien to this world, yet here longer than most of human history. … Continue reading

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Treachery Isle

By Kingtycoon MethuselahGame of the North OSR (LotFP?)Level 4-5? Nothing is what it seems and no one can be trusted on Cormorant Isle!  And yet you find that you must rely on dangerous strangers if you hope to leave the … Continue reading

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(5e) Crimson Harvest

By Andy Tam Self Published 5e Level 4 … The agricultural exports that once brought it wealth and decadence has since all but withered to naught. A group of intrepid adventurers has taken on the task the escort a vital … Continue reading

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Behind the Walls

By John Large Monkeyblood Design Swords & Wizardry Levels 1-4 Ebeneezer Garbett, a local farmer from the mushroom-filled valley village of Otterdale, returned to the hamlet with tales of riches he had found. Now, no-one has seen him since, and … Continue reading

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