For Sale – Almost everything

Please forgive my rather crass marketing.

I’m transitioning to a being of pure thought and as such need to get rid of some things. I’m selling most of my physical RPG collection (Stupid Marie Kondo!) along with my wife getting rid of most of hers.

Most of it it $5, with a few rare exception. I’ll be in Chicago over the weekend after 4pm today, with limited contact availability. As I said, it’s a combination of my wife’s stuff (3.5 mostly) my best of the best OSR stuff, some OSR crappy stuff I haven’t gotten rid of yet, and a few odds and ends.

The cherry-picking has already begun.

Yes, I’m keeping some stuff. No, it’s not much. No, I’m not lessening my RPG fervor, just transitioning out of the realm of the physical for most things.

Shit, almost forgot, I’ve also got a 2-volume set of OGLAF for $20 and a 16 volume set of The Years Best Science Fiction, each one about 650 pages long. Drop me a note if you are interested in those two.

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3 Responses to For Sale – Almost everything

  1. Dungeon Dork says:

    Why don’t you just burn it all? Seems more your style.

  2. John says:

    Will you ship? If so…give me some time to check what I’m.looking for, and I will probably buy most of your Dungeon magazines.

  3. Tazimack the Red says:

    For some weird reason, this saddens me a little.
    By the way, Mr. Lynch, and while we talk about (obsolete?) physical components, do you use miniatures and/or battlemats in your games? Not that I’m interested in buying some, just curious–

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