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Perils of the Sunken City

By Jon Marr Purple Sorcerer Games Dungeon Crawl Classics Level 0 Funnel The Great City is old and faded, a pale reflection of its former glory. Life is a challenge for most, but for the weak and unconnected, the city … Continue reading

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Dungeon Magazine #140

The Bullywug Gambit By Nicolas Logue Level 3 Savage Tide adventure path part two. When the synopsis contains “the party must then race to …” then I’m predisposed to not like it. “Stilt-walking monks” is something I would use if … Continue reading

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Trouble in Waterdeep

By Eugene Fasano & James Hutt Arcana Games 5E Levels 1-3 An urban Waterdeep adventure. 21 pages of linear crap (with sewers!) that dips in to “barely comprehensible” territory wrapped in lipstick art & formatting to make it look decent. … Continue reading

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Against the Goblins

By Matt Kline Creation’s Edge Games Sword & Wizardry Level 1-3 A foreboding dream of impossible foes; goblins with control over fire, disease, and death, leads to a tiny village on the edge of the wilderness threatened by three goblin … Continue reading

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Dungeon Magazine #139

There is No Honor By James Jacobs Level 1 The first part of the Savage Tide adventure path. I look forward to the tedious underwater rules and the magic item gifting to send the party Under The Sea. Hey! Surprise! … Continue reading

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The Treasure Vaults of Zadabad

By Carl Bussler & Eric Hoffman Stormlord Publishing Swords & Wizardry Level 2-4 Hot wind snaps the black sails of the Soulcatcher as an eager voice calls from the crow’s nest, “Land ho!” Ahead lies the island of Kalmatta, your … Continue reading

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The Trail of Stone and Sorrow

By Zzarchov Kowolski Self-Published Neoclassical Geek Revival/OSR Level 1-3 Something wicked has emerged from the mountains and begun turning things to stone. The villagers are scared and have begun casting a suspicious eye towards a foreign wizard. This is a … Continue reading

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Dungeon Magazine #138

It’s interesting, I’ve noticed another tonal change in Dungeon Magazine. The last few issues have contained adventures with a variety of styles. Linear, combat focused, more traditional styles. Accident or purpose? Who knows, but I do find the uptick in … Continue reading

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The Rotating Labyrinth

By James Eck MindWeaveRPG d20 Level 5 This fifteen page “adventure” centers around one gimmick: a rotating gear-like maze. A large & interesting map has to be constructed by printing it out, glueing it to cardboard, cutting out other parts … Continue reading

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A Pipeful of Trouble

By Bret James Stewart D-ooom Products Labyrinth Lord Levels 1-3 All is not well in Brierfield. The idyllic halfling village has fallen prey to unknown bandits and marauders. These peaceful victims of shattered loves and broken dreams need a band … Continue reading

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