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Beneath the Ruins

by Alex Fotinakes for Phychedelic Fantasies OSR D&D Third level? Each adventure module in the Psychedelic Fantasies line revels in unconstrained imagination. Every monster, every magic power, and every magic spell is a unique and never-before-seen creation of the author. … Continue reading

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Nod magazine

by John Stater In this first issue of NOD, you can explore the Wyvern Coast, a sandbox hexcrawl with over 190 encounters. There are six new classes, three new races, a random village generator, a dozen new deities, new monsters, … Continue reading

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Lesserton & Mor

By Jeff & Joel Sparks for Faster Monkey Games Labyrinth Lord Once, the vast city of Great Mor stood as mankind’s proudest achievement, civilization’s farthest outpost, impregnable to any invasion… or so the Dukes of Morland believed. But when the … Continue reading

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DCC50 – Vault of the Iron Overlord

by Monte Cook for Goodman Games d20/3.5 Levels 7-9 Chaos reigns in the kingdom as the king and queen have died, leaving no heirs. The heroes are commissioned to go into the king’s vault to retrieve the scepter of succession, … Continue reading

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S1 – The Goblin Fair

by Matt Finch and James Hazeltine for Airweaver Games d20/3e 4th-6th levels By the dark of the gibbous moon, the fantastical folk of the fey realms gather for one day ay the Goblin Fair: to bargain with merchants of the … Continue reading

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The Purple Worm Graveyard

by Tony Dowler for Planet Thirteen Labyrinth Lord Levels 1-3 It is said that when the largest and most ancient of purple worms know that the time of their death is near, they make their way through rock, earth, and … Continue reading

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FLA01 – The Secrets of the Summoning Chamber

by Delmar Watkins Fifty Latches OSRIC Levels 3-5 An ancient wizards lair now holds more than just the remnants of failed experiments. It is up to the brave adventurers to end threat to the nearby town and plunder the Wizard’s … Continue reading

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The Sanctuary Ruin

by Eric Jones for Ludibrium Games Labyrinth Lord Levels 1-3 The Bleak Tower, seat of the Margrave, liege of the border province of Blackmarch—the stage is set for a classic dungeon delve, unexpected villains, and a place for adventurers to … Continue reading

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CLA4 – The Ruins of Ramat

by John Adams Brave Halfling Publishing Labyrinth Lord 1st Level Characters A little girl comes running and crying into the center of the village. When questioned, she sobs that she and her dog were playing just outside of town by … Continue reading

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