Bryce’s ToDo List of reviews

This is my ‘ToDo’ reviews list. Except maybe the old stuff. I don’t like reviewing older stuff. I’m not begging, I’m more just organizing the six separate ‘buy’ lists I have and informing people what is on my list.

“It’s on the list” … unless it’s not, in which case you should mail me your request.

I need to organize this shit.

  • Demonheart (Frog)
  • Cyclopedean Deep (Frog)
  • Eamonvale Incursion (Frog)
  • The Black Monastery (Frog)
  • Slumbering Tsar (Frog)


  • Fire in the Jungle (Magcloud)
  • Across the Wide Dark Jungle (Magcloud)
  • The Mines of Khunmar (HD)
  • Hel’s Crow’s Final Rest (HD)
  • Benoist Brigand Megadungeon level (HD)
  • Caverns of Slime (HD)
  • Castle of the Mad Archmage (HD)
  • Good Little Children Never Grow up (HD)
  • Black Stair/Back to the Dungeon 1 (HD)
  • Haunted Isles 2 (HD)
  • Dungeon Magazine
  • The Witch Mounds (XRP)
  • Bitterroot Briar (XRP)
  • The Blood Cult (Pace)
  • Raid on the Acaeum (Pace)
  • S3 Edge of Shadow
  • The Vile Worm of the Eldritch Oak (Drive)
  • The Solo Dungeon
  • Liberation of the Demon Slayer(Drive)
  • Maze of Screaming Silence (Drive)
  • A thousand dead babies (Drive)
  • The Treasure of Welthorp (Drive)
  • Stench of the Sea (Drive)
  • DCC: Saga of the Rat King (Drive)
  • DCC: Saga of the Witch Queen (Drive)
  • Vault of Larin Karr (Drive)
  • The Brewmasters Tomb (Drive)
  • Tomb of Abysthor (Drive)
  • Menagarie of the Ice Lord (Drive)
  • Horrendous Heap 16 cities (Drive)
  • Veiled Invocation (Drive)
  • Daughters of the Deep (Drive)
  • Assault against the menace of the mountain (Drive)
  • Ghoul Keep (Drive)
  • The Stealer of Children (Drive)
  • Ancient Kingdoms: Mesopotamia
  • City of Corvis (old ??? witchfire??)
  • Castle Zagyg (old shit)
  • Of Sound Mind (old shit)
  • The Lost Abbey of Calthonwey. (old shit)
  • Nine doctrines darkness (old shit)
  • Cairn of the Skeleton King (old shit)
  • Tower of Blood (old shit)
  • The Trouble with troglodytes (pdf??)
  • The Serpent Islands (???)
  • The Jeweler that Dealt in Stardust (???)
  • Fane of St Toad
  • The Redwood Scar (???)
  • Dungeon of the Unknown (????)
  • Mayhem at the manor (???)
  • The Trouble with Troglydytes (pdf?)
  • The Young Green Dragon Over the Hill (pdf?)
  • Voyage of the Stag Party (EP April)
  • Temple of Urshruuk (???)
  • the island (post apoc) (???)
  • mysterious myst foxpound (???)
  • Liberation of the Demon Slayer (no fucking clue)
  • Gabor Lux Islands compendium review
  • Recent Fight On’s
  • Qelong
  • Fuck for Satan
  • Tales of the Scarecrow
  • better than Any Man

6 Responses to Bryce’s ToDo List of reviews

  1. dungeonfish says:

    Hope you haven’t stopped permanently… I enjoy reading your reviews.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I hope so too. This site is a great resource for checking out OSR adventures. You warn me about the shit ones so I don’t buy them! :)

  3. I emailed you about a complimentary review copy of Liberation of the Demon Slayer a couple weeks ago. Let me know if you’re interested…


  4. Hey. You don’t know me… and I don’t know you… but I love your reviews.

    I appreciate your (colorful) frankness. If you ever find yourself exhausted from reading ODD / OSR dreck, lacking inspiration to do another review, or just plain burnt out — because I can imagine that running this blog for so many years has got to have it’s low points — please do me a favor and take a short break, then come back to this very post, and soldier on!

    I find your reviews immensely valuable, and your review insights point out many pitfalls I can avoid when creating my own adventures. Well done, sir. Well done.

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