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Dungeon Magazine #2

Uh … nice thong? This seems to be a stronger issue than #1, although half of the adventures are … unusual. It’s important to remember that Dungeon Magazine is still in 1e land, 2e not having appeared yet. A cursory … Continue reading

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Curse of the Weaver Queen

by Tim Kask Eldritch Enterprises Generic Moderate Level The lunar goddess Arianhrod presides over the great wheel of life. But centuries ago, some saw the Wheel as a Web: a spider’s web. And so began the Cult, and so it … Continue reading

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Night of the Black Swords

by Allen Hammack Die Cast Games AD&D Levels 10-12 This is a tournament-style 10 encounter adventure for evil characters through the depths of hell. It’s ok for what it is but has limited use outside of its tournament context. The … Continue reading

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