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WGH2 – Temple of the Sun

by Bill Silvey Freely Distributed by The Delvers Dungeon AD&D Levels 7-10 Beneath the shifting sands of the Sea of Dust lies a fabled artifact of immense power! Your party has been commissioned to find the storied Golden Sphere of … Continue reading

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DD2 – Stealing the Night Away

by Bill Silvey Delvers Dungeons AD&D One First Level Thief This is a very short Breaking & Entering railroad thievery job for a single first level thief. The background is that the local tuffs catch you stealing and make you … Continue reading

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The Maze of Nuromen

by Justin Becker & Michael Thomas Dreamscape Design Holmes 1st Level This is an introductory adventure for 1st level characters through a two level dungeon with many classic elements. The room descriptions wear at times and it’s a bit vanilla. … Continue reading

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Systema Tartarobasis

by Gabor Lux Freely Self-published Castles & Crusades Levels 3-5 The adventure puts characters in unfamiliar environments and situations as they move deeper into the ruins of technologically advanced subsurface cities. This is a crazy awesome setting/adventure from one of … Continue reading

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The Mad Demigod’s Castle

by Richard Graves Self-Published AD&D 1st Level I’m probably soft-balling this one. Fuck off. I like big dungeons. This is an introductory level to Castle of the Mad Archmage. Both of these products, I believe, are meant to emulate the … Continue reading

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SM4 – Beneath the Darkshroud Peaks

by Stuart Marshall Freely distributed by Dragonsfoot AD&D Levels 2-3 The player characters hear rumours of a barrow to the north that is supposed to house an evil mage and his minions! The players will certainly find great riches and … Continue reading

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