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Lich Dungeon Level One

by Frank Mentzer for Eldritch Enterprises Generic Fantasy System Minimally experiences characters This is the first level of a megadungeon whose origins go back to the very early days of the game. It seems that a certain lich bought himself … Continue reading

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The House on the Hill

by Craig J. Brain for WardCo Metamorphosis Alpha Oh post-apoc, how I love thee! Here’s something never ever ever seen before: a supplement for Metamorphosis Alpha. To my knowledge this is the ONLY supplement ever produced for that mighty game. … Continue reading

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Tomb of the Iron God

This is a near perfect example of an old school adventure module. Villagers report that there was recently a truly massive lightning storm that centered on the nearby Monastery of the Iron God. There have been no sign of the … Continue reading

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Snakeriders of the Aradondo

by Tim Kask for Eldritch Enterprises Generic fantasy system for moderate experience characters This module isn’t very good. The module has roughly 14 pages of lead in, ten or so pages of ‘Wilderness Adventure’ and another ten or so that … Continue reading

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Welcome to Mortiston, USA

by Mark Cookman for Scrying Eye Games Multiple Systems I’m reviewing this out of order, and out of genre, because it’s soooo good. While at Origins I saw a postcard on the tables near registration that was advertising this. It … Continue reading

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Forest of Deceit

by Christopher Clark Generic Fantasy Adventure Levels 1-3 This is a little sandbox hex crawl in a wild forest on a scale not usually seen. The map is about six square miles with the individual hexes being 250 yards or … Continue reading

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U3 – Verdant Rage

by Mike Stewart for Troll Lord Games Castles & Crusades Levels 4-5 Druids: Hack ’em on sight or kill them while they sleep? These amoral guys seem to be mainstays of wilderness adventures. Who can blame a DM for throwing … Continue reading

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