Melan, Prince and Bryce meet in Ohio

So, there I am, in Ohio, researching my families murderous past in the Appalachia region of the southeast, near Athens. Low and behold, it turns out Prince is there! I quickly drop my shovel and crowbar, kick over the headstone and head to Athens … to a motel that charges by the hour and you can pay in cash. Hmmmm.

Much liquor was consumed, in to the night and blackberry mead starting at 8am, lasting throughout several days. We discussed all of you, talking about each of you behind your backs.

But Lo! Who did we run in to but Melan! It’s true! We were out hiking a part of a conservation trail and we saw him upahead, coming out of some kind of tall grass patch. WTF?A?A That can’t be Melan?!?! But it was!

He was in that part of Ohio also, for work, consulting on traffic circle design! We had no idea, but there he was! Fortune favors the reviewers!

We quickly found a latrine with all thee of us wallowing in our kingdoms of filth, in to the wee hours!

The next morning we got some someone to take our picture together at a local diner! We stayed, discussing the finer points of Encounter Critical, until they kicked us out.


I give this meeting of the three of us a 10/10!

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43 Responses to Melan, Prince and Bryce meet in Ohio

  1. Bryce Lynch says:

    And it’s spelled Coors, you philistine!

  2. Bryce Lynch says:

    The real story is that I was in SE Ohio for genealogy research and read from Prince he was in Athens. I drove over since it was only an hours away. He had a group activity that evening for his international businessman training, along with all of his (very much) clean cut Dutch colleagues. I tagged along to an ice hockey game in Loan OH, nearby. There, to our surprise, was Melan, ceremonially starting the game!

    It seems was in town consulting on traffic circle design (that’s his specialty, I guess? Enough to get him overseas consulting gigs, anyway.) As a local Guest Of Import, the Logan chamber of commerce had him start the game.

    We jumped up and ran down to him, abandoning the rest of the Dutch, and spent the next three days drinking and exploring the local community. He was as surprised as we were in running across us. All three of us, in SE Ohio for different reasons, within 90 minutes of each other!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Coolest review ever! Melan??? Whaat?
    Ohio isn’t that far from me. πŸ˜€

  4. Karel Hynek Macha says:

    That’s very cool! Are you on the left, Prince in the middle, and Melan on the right? Now that you have met in person, you can combine all your high-tech vehicles (around a traffic circle) into a giant justice machine robot that is more powerful than the sum of its parts!

  5. Robert, OSR Heretic says:

    Traffic circle design? Unpatriotic blasphemy!

  6. EOTB says:

    How cool is that? Glad everyone got to hang out and have fun!

  7. Venger Satanis says:

    Just so you know, that one time with Prince… we were both on bath salts. But it was just that one time. Ok, maybe twice.

  8. Bigby's Affirmative Consent Lubed Fist says:

    Hey, ho, way to go, Ohio!

  9. squeen says:

    I’m not sure how to reconcile the Melan (Gabor Lux) from this interview:
    with anyone in that picture.

    …but I’m guessing the tall fella is Prince—the Dutch grow to keep their heads above water in case the damns break.

    • Bryce Lynch says:


      • squeen says:

        I would love to respond with a clever quip, but once again I am unable to unpack one of Bryce’s references. Shame on me.

        (Ironically, I do make physics-based computer simulations for a living…but how could you possibly know that?)

        • Bryce Lynch says:

          Do you tell small children there is no Santa? Do you insist on “Real” hit points in RPG’s instead of abstracted hit points? Do you insist the smokestacks are NOT a cloud factory, but rather the local incinerator? Simulationist!

          • squeen says:

            Ah! Understanding dawns upon my dim mind.

            The image contains the “essence of Melan”, not Melan, per se…

            Thanks for the assist.

          • Ron says:

            Usually squeen’s comments help me in understanding… not so in this case!

    • DP says:

      I too am thoroughly confused. Bryce, I think you were duped by some fake Melan…

    • squeen says:

      Looking more closely at the left-fella’s face, I pronounce him Gabor’s son—heir to the title of Melan.

      • Avatar/Proxy of DP says:

        I think he’s a proxy – somehow Gabor managed to enlist the world’s most generic-looking college student.

  10. The Middle Finger of Vecna says:

    The real question is, Traffic circle, roundabout, or rotary? I say rotary

  11. The Middle Finger of Vecna says:

    What’s high in the middle and round on both ends? O-Hi-O

  12. Daniel Boggs says:

    Hmmm, Portsmouth is in SE Ohio and I got tons of family there. Must not be a coincidence.

  13. Ice says:

    we’ve been hoaxed!!!

  14. PrinceofNothing says:

    Guys, something terrible has happened! Patrick Stuart has been hoaxed into doing a 1 hour interview with a fake Melan! Someone should tell him before more innocent lives are lost!

  15. Slick says:

    Left is Bryce’s son I reckon. That facial expression (with the hands in the pockets) just screams “I have no idea who my dad’s weird nerd friends are, I guess I’ll pose for this picture and try not to look too uncomfortable”

  16. Legion McRae says:

    Encounter Critical! Fuck Yeah!

  17. plus1longsword says:

    I ran a game for that guy on the right! Gary Con, methinks.

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