Gleams of the Livid Plaque

by Paul Keigh
Psychedelic Fantasies

The third installment of Paul Keigh’s “Procedurally generated weird place” feels just that: procedurally generated.

Go read the review of the first adventure in this series:

Dreams of the Lurid Sac

Then go read the review of the second in this line:

Streams of the Lucid Crack

Before even cracking this open I knew what to expect: weird environment with 100 rooms, procedurally generated content, and a host of alien creates inside including some explorers from another dimension. And sure enough, that’s what was inside.

So, pretty much exactly the same as the other adventures, from a high-level standpoint. I like these alien environments, and in particular the treasure/object lists that are included. In addition, the greater location of this one is a nice touch. The dungeon is a collection of plaque bubbles and they hang off the side of … something. This is kind of an interesting concept and harkens back to the Bottle City. In particular I like the concept that th eliving plaque bubbles hand down the side of a pit that leads to the base of the world/bottomless world pit. There are some more munadne options as well, a creatures gullet, a cliff, sinkhole, lava tube, etc, but I really like THE FANTASTIC that “the bottomless pit to the base of the world” represents. D&D should have fantastic locales, beyond the norm.

Feel ripped off by the review? Well … I’m keeping this adventure, because of it’s role as a curiosity. Things are getting a little too generic in their weirdness for me to recommend this to others. I still think the second in the series, Lucid, is the more approachable for most DM’s.

This is available on DriveThru.

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2 Responses to Gleams of the Livid Plaque

  1. Andrew says:

    These are the weirdest RPG related things I’ve ever seen. I love them. I want to run them. I don’t know if I’ve got the stones (sac?) for it though. Some of my players look at me funny when I describe an oddly shaped doorway, let alone an entirely alien biological chamber full of fleebrwebs and partially-solidified humours.

  2. Warren Abox says:

    Yep. I just bought three of these based on Bryce’s reviews. Haven’t paid for an adventure in years, but this stuff is too good to pass up.

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